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[Paul Lismore] IBA : The embodiment of all that is wrong with this country

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 13 Novembre 2020

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.” ― Edmund Burke

It has taken the "Independent" Broadcasting Authority 5 months to decide a case that all right thinking people already knew straight away that the MBC was completely wrong to broadcast their stupid, completely biased programme, and worse, to then refuse the Church to have the right to reply that would be automatic in any self respecting democracy. 5 months!! And the people on its Board are supposed to be very 'learned', wise, experienced and objective!

This is what happens when you allow a dictator, better known in Mauritius as our Prime Minister, complete leeway in the appointment of his zombies on a board designed to act as an "Independent" watchdog.

Every one of its 9 members are all appointed by the Prime Minister, same as all the idiots on the MBC Board are all the Prime Minister's stooges. That is not a criticism of Pravind Jugnauth only. ALL our Prime Ministers have tolerated this terrible abuse of our institutions, and I get so annoyed with the screams of "Bizin vrai sanzman" from established political parties and the arrivistes all wanting to gouverner autrement.

Not one of them has put forward the most obvious suggestion for reforming these intensely corrupt organisations: CHANGE THE LAWS THAT GOVERN THEM, because these are useless pieces of legislation that help to institutionalise corruption and to make the nominees act and behave like laboratory monkeys trained to please their master.

None of these laws governing our institutions have the crucial elements that would force the nominees to behave like decent, independent minded individuals instead of being the performing monkeys of the one who appointed them: Punitive measures so that Board members who refuse to obey the law are heavily fined or sent to prison or both.

At the moment, those monkeys can do what they want, when they want as long as they are seen to please their master. There is no time frame that binds them to rule on any complaint within a specific period. And that would explain why a complaint by the Archbishop and the top clergy in the Catholic Church has taken over 5 months for the doped up monkeys of the IBA to come to a conclusion.

The IBA board consists of 

1/ A chairman who no one has ever heard of, Bhooneswar Rajcoomarsingh, appointed by the PM.
2/ A permanent Secretary, a Principal Information Officer, both from the Prime Minister's Office.
3/ A permanent secretary from the Ministry of Arts and Culture, i.e. a department that depends entirely on the goodwill of the PM and whose Minister is the latest in a long line of arse lickers who opportunistically switch arses, depending on which way the wind is blowing.
4/ 3 Board members, all appointed by the Prime Minister, including the idiot who believes he is a film star/director, Sachin Jootun, who still has not mastered the none too complicated task of putting your glasses in front of your eyes and not on top of your bloody head.
5/ Dhiren Dabee, Solicitor General, whose boss is the Attorney General...yes, that one! Dabee of course sits on more boards than any of us has had hot dinners...and has been useless on all of them.
6/ Fu Man Chu, Chair of ICTA, nominated by, yes, you have guessed it, the PM...
It does not matter how politically biased, fanatical, or stupid you are: Look at that list of Board members and ask yourselves 2 questions: 1/ How can that be an independent Board? 2/ Will the PTr/MMM/PMSD continue with this rotten, corrupt system? Or will they attempt to bring some independence and objectivity in the way these Board members are nominated. In other words, will they remove many of the dictatorial powers of the Prime Minister?

Crucially, will they change the crap laws governing the MBC and the IBA, and bring in new legislation that will compel Board members to behave professionally instead of always being the performing monkeys for a Prime Minister with enormous powers?

Over 5 months? Eoula! They have magnanimously decided that 5 months after the slanderous crime was committed, the Church can now have a 3 minute slot to try to set the record straight and wash all the shit that Sovaz Anooj and his zom pitins at the MBC threw at the Church.

And it looks like Sovaz Anooj will return as DG of the MBC following that Commission denket bidon. Hope the MBC has enough money left to buy him some more expensive mobile phones which he can use to test how far they can bounce when the little prick throws them around...

Vendredi 13 Novembre 2020

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