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[Paul Lismore ]I wrote this post 3 years ago. Nothing has changed

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[Paul Lismore ]I wrote this post 3 years ago. Nothing has changed
Even when the Supreme Court advised the Chambre des Notaires and the Attorney General in 2000 to take action against Roopun, in accordance with Article 82(1) (a) of the Notaries Act and Article 13 of the Law Practitioners Act, the corrupt, incompetent bastards p enkor etidier dossier la...

We now hear of a 72 year old lady, Madame Rose Blattes, going on hunger strike out of desperation because notaire Dharmaveering Roopun, brother of our gorgeous President Baigan, has again "forgotten" to return her the money from the proceeds of the sale of her house..." «…J’ai vendu mon bien à Rs 1, 5 million par l’entremise du notaire Dharmaveersing Roopun depuis le 8 juin 2023. Jusqu’à maintenant, Me Roopun refuse de me remettre la totalité de cette somme. Or, il a déjà encaissé le chèque de l’acheteur de l’ordre de Rs 1, 681, 750...», affirme la septuagénaire."

Remember, Roopun the notary, not President Baigan, has form for this sort of blatant I explained in the post that follows, which was published in September 2020. Read it and see how fraudsters, pimps, thieves, and arseholes have the temerity to call themselves "patriotes"...

Paul Lismore. 25 September 2020


How can it be possible that a notary dealing with the sale of land in a most peculiar manner since at least 2000 is still practising? Worse, how come he has never been bothered by a police force supposedly working in full independence and with true professionalism? Is this what the authorities mean when they say that justice is blind, i.e. it sees crimes only when they are suspected/committed by opponents of the government but whitewashes supporters of the government with a fake coat of honesty and probity? Does this mean that some people are above the law and that the only people that the police will bother with their interminable inquiries are those who either have no political backing or are perceived to be opponents of the government?

Dharmaveersing Roopun is the notary I am referring to. He happens to be the brother of our gorgeous President who apparently loves his gardening, perhaps in a bid to fondle the brinzel gato that bears a remarkable similarity to that Presidential face...The notary has been apparently honing his skills in being party to the sale of land that does not belong to the seller, but to someone else. After pocketing the money for the sale that does not exist, he then has the temerity to tell his victim " " B al get Land Fraud Squad!", with a confidence that suggests that the Land Fraud Squad is yet another useless institution that has been corrupted by la cuisine, and will therefore do nothing. 

You see, President Baigan's brother has form for this sort of fraud. On April 18th 2000, Louis Gaetan L'Eveille sued Roopun and others for the fraudulent sale of land that did not belong to the 'seller' and demanded the reimbursement of Rs 300,000 which he had given to Roopun. The magistrate's court agreed and ordered Roopun to return the money. Roopun appealed, and the Supreme Court not only confirmed the magistrate's ruling, but advised the Chambre des Notaires and the Attorney General to take action against Roopun, in accordance with Article 82(1) (a) of the Notaries Act and Article 13 of the Law Practitioners Act.Guess what? I told you that 'justice is blind', and neither the Chambre de Notaires nor the Attorney General could see that advice from the Supreme Court! So, Roopun was allowed to continue his merry task of selling land that does not belong to the 'seller', and pocketing huge sums of money for what is clearly a fraud.

 I am very critical of our press, but when they do an excellent job, it is only fair and proper to acknowledge the rare example of true journalism. L'Express has given us all the details that even a police force made up of sixieme fail would have jumped on, and gone to invite Roopun for a nice cup of tea and some baja chaud chaud at Casernes before slapping the handcuffs on him. But Komisser Dipshit is now competing with the idiot at ICAC in the " Kisan la kapav etidier dossiers pou pli lontan san fer ene ferfoute" Challenge Cup...

So, L'Express today has published another article detailing the latest fracas of Notary Roopun (see in first comment). When you look at all the fraudulent cases handled by this man, you see that all his victims are simple, unassuming people with no political backing...They make the perfect victims for arseholes who view their professional qualifications as a licence to steal at will, in the sure knowledge that the police or ICAC will not even initiate any investigation into their dirty business.So, don't forget, people! Pravind Jugnanuth, also responsible for some shady land deals for himself, keeps exhorting us to respect our institutions....institutions now so thoroughly corrupted that even pigs will refuse to join them in the sewer.

p.s. la creme de la creme? Dharmaveersing Roopun is on the list of notaries preferred by the government and still receives juicy contracts from our lovely well as the wife of that useless minister, Yogida Sawmysipaki, colistier of our gorgeous PM in constituency 8...Tens of millions of rupees of our money have gone into their hands

Samedi 8 Juillet 2023

1.Posté par Rajnish SC Bank le 09/07/2023 14:21
Mr Paul Lismore, it's high time you open a YouTube channel and create videos about these corruption scandals, narrated by an unrecognisable voice. Your videos would contain several images of these corrupted bastards, and some video footage when possible.

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