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[Paul Lismore] Husnoo is saying: " wat eez zis? I did not mek ze rain and ze floods!"

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 28 Janvier 2023

[Paul Lismore] Husnoo is saying: " wat eez zis? I did not mek ze rain and ze floods!"
Oui, mes chers compatriotes. Minis Husnoo bien enkoler, parski boukou p kritik li akoz li meme chef "National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre". Li p gagne kriz et li fek avoy ene communique a la presse.

" Dear Zournalis. Wat eez zis nonsense? Why are you saying zat ze Direktor of ze Meteo cannot open eez mouse wizout my permisshun? Why do you say that he needs "le feu vert du ministre pour parler?" If he has sed zat, let me tell you that not feu vert that he will get but a big la brez in eez bottom! Wiz me, no!

In 2021, I menshuned zat an "Early Warning System" will be put in place. Did I not put "Wezer Chek" on MyT? Eezn't zat enuff? It eez not me who shud be blamed! Blame Sherry Darling! Instead of westing ze time in ze swimming pool and doing ze breast stroke, he shud av chek the wezer, no?

Now, you konplane zat ze meetings of ze National Risk sipaki are secrets d'etat. Don't you understand zat we are very, very important people? Zat we don't av ze time to talk to little pipple like you? That you will not understand technical terms like gro la pli, lev kalson bourree?

Zat eez ze problem wiz Maurisus: Pipple plaigning all ze time, nossing eez gud for you anti patriotes! When it dozn't rain, you complain. When it rains, you saout for me to give ze elp? Where are we going in zis ggt cuntry?

On a lighter note, pliz enjoy ze rain, but not too much. Dance to "Singing in ze rain" if you want to. And stop being so ungrateful! If ze water comes in your living rooms, sink of it anozer way: You have at last got your own swimming pool! So, stop being jealous of ard working pipple like me who have luxury ouses pieds dan dilo. You now have your ouses pieds dan dilo also! Aren't you lucky? Asn't God blessed you that Pravind is your Prime Minister?"

Unfortunately, the zourlanus did not have time to read Husnoo's they were too busy following Pi Ke in huge numbers so that they can report to us directly how some carefully chosen chatwas are thanking him. 

Husnoo will probably now say that we should call Pi Ke "Moses" from now on, because he can part the waves for an army of zourlanus to record every bit of nonsense that comes out of the cretin's mouth....

Samedi 28 Janvier 2023

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