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[Paul Lismore] How to climb the greasy pole to nominations and big money, the Montrou way

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 30 Juin 2022

Yes, Prakash Montrou, the man with more lives than a cat who wins the lottery without even buying a ticket...He was found guilty of having deep pockets in the Boskalis case, but our lovely Supreme court acted with rare diligence and speed and quashed the magistrates' guilty verdict as well as the sentence of imprisonment. His alleged partner in crime, Siddick Chady, was not so lucky, and even had his sentence of imprisonment increased...

During the long running Boskalis scandal, when Montrou lost his job (another lottery win known in Mauritius as a "nomination politique"), was he unemployed? Was he trying to find money for his carnet ration? Eoula! Ene patriote sa! So, Montrou got a cushy top job at the place well known for patriots (many nasty people call them thieves....), and which is called the Sun Trust. As you know, the Sun Trust building was built with money known as "donations politiques", and on his own admission, SAJ mentioned "tant larzan" that big drug dealers were bringing to him at La Caverne, as donations politiques...

Anyway, Montrou, the man who bought all the kalchouls, deksis, etc in la Kwizinn, very rapidly graduated to being the top chef of la Kwizinn....and Lady Macbeth loved his la sauce, apparently. The gruesome twosome, Montrou and Lady Macbeth, became the de facto rulers of the island, with a marionette Prime Minister too scared of his own shadow to behave like a real PM... 

As soon as Montrou got his manna from heaven from the Supreme Court, he was nominated as Senior Adviser at the PMO. So, we now have two individuals in the PMO who had been condemned by the Intermediary court  only to have their verdicts quashed by our lovely Supreme Court, Montrou and ti cretin... 

Montrou found himself to be top dog in the two seats of power in Mauritius, the PMO and la kwizinn. Sakili! Very rapidly, he showed the little dogs who was now the top dog, and some resignations or muzzling of some big mouths followed: Rudy Veerachuchundar "resigned" from the main Government propaganda machine known as GIS, Bissoon Mungroo was told: " Ta ggt! To in check pri diluil? Pa pou kapav donne toi diluil la kwizinn pou met dan to zorey! Al marse marse, ou kouma ene ti toutou, al pisse lor sa colonne la!"

And now Sherry Singh, the erstwhile darling of la Kwizinn, has resigned. Did he resign before he was pushed? I am reliably informed that Lady Macbeth had got her knickers permanently in a twist since Sherry Darling told her in 2015, " Mo in plin ar to swimming pool! mo pou nepli naz la p al rode lot dilo..." 

Consequently, la kwizinn made life quite difficult for Sherry Singh, because an insanely arrogant Lady M simply could not cope with the fact that at least one man had told her to "guet divan"...She is so used to men paillasson in her life, men with no backbone, men who will do anything for her, that being rejected by one was simply too much.

And now with Montrou firmly in the saddle in the PMO and in la kwizinn, Sherry Singh did not have much choice really but to resign....either that, or suffer the indignity of being sacked. I had heard about rumours of Sherry leaving or being sacked during the last fortnight, but was not sure how true those rumours were...

And now, guess who is in pole position to become CEO of MT, the El dorado of the clever thieves? Yes, Montrou! Told you Montrou is an expert at climbing the greasy pole to nominations and millions of rupees! And now that he is being supported by another expert in climbing hard, rigid poles, Lady M, MT pou vine dan la main Montrou.

And the next step? More censorship, more intrusion into our private lives by MT and its useless Rs 19 millions CCTV, more eavesdropping by the biggest bahen lookhe in our island, Lady Macbeth... aided and abetted by her racist little friend, Karishma sipaki who never missed an opportunity to stick a dagger in Sherry's back at MT...

So ladies, don't be too keen to climb hard, rigid, greasy poles! Or you might end up like Lady M...Plito pran li cri cri, non?

Jeudi 30 Juin 2022

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