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[Paul Lismore] How stupid do you have to be as PM to ignore these plain and simple truths ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 13 Septembre 2020

" Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it."----Pope John Paul II

Unfortunately, that gift of God as described by Pope John Paul II has been so grossly misused by Pravind Kumar Jugnauth that one is now reduced to two rather simplistic conclusions:

1/ there is no limit to his stupidity, and Berenger was right to describe him as a ti cretin 2/ He is so stupid that none of these plain and simple truths will register even a little tickle in his dormant brain:

1/ No other Prime Minister in our history has ever faced two massive popular demonstrations against him in the space of a fortnight. Navin Ramgoolam didn't, despite many people being pissed off with the way he behaved himself as Prime Minister, and giving the impression that his groin area was more important than good governance or matters of state.

Paul Berenger never had to face these huge displays of protest, and it remains a huge credit to the people of this island that a member of the smallest ethnic group could become its Prime Minister. Aneerood Jugnauth always managed to dig himself out of many holes, and despite his many shortcomings, the population preferred to kick him out at the ballot box than to stage massive demonstrations against him.

One gets the clear impression that Pravind Jugnauth will not be able to climb out of the many deep holes that he and his la cuisine have dug for himself, even if ropes and ladders were thrown at him in a bid to help him out of that predicament. He is quite likely to say, with a huhhuh at the end to show what a great sense of humour he has been endowed with, that " Mo pou montrer zot ki apel fouy trou! Moi ki sanpion la dan! Zot pou koner ar moi! Huhhuh..."

2/ No other Prime Minister has seen so many expatriate Mauritians shouting "Bour li deor" in many capital cities of the world.

In fact, I cannot recall any demo by any Mauritian emigre outside any High Commission anywhere in the world except in the past fortnight. But PJ is stupid enough to believe that it is testament to his greatness that only during his Prime Ministership can Mauritians show how much of a democracy we are, and how we truly relish our constitutional right to freedom of expression. " Meme si zot envi bour moi deor, mo merde! Bour moi endan oussi si zot envi!", he is stupid enough to think and say...

3/ No other Prime Minister would continue to nominate the most objectionable, abhorrent, repulsive, obnoxious, and repugnant individuals to head our institutions, even when faced with massive displays of protest.

How stupid is he? Is there any member of the Jug family or any dishwasher in la cuisine who has not been nominated yet to a post commanding huge salaries and obscene privileges including chauffeur driven limousines and 13th and 14th months benefits, and which clearly they are ill qualified to even consider applying for those posts? When will he start thinking for himself instead of always being at the beck and call of Lady Macbeth and the so called advisers who no one would ever consider even employing as switchboard operators at a company where no one calls? 

4/ No other Prime Minister would continue to loot and plunder an economy that is already massively in debt.

But our Pravind will and does, presumably because he finds Padayachee's put upon French accent so overpowering that he goes into a trance and keeps saying " Oui Pada, to ena rezon"...He just cannot see that Pada is just an arrogant buffoon who has come from nowhere to take an already ailing economy into the Intensive Care Unit. 

5/ No other Prime Minister would blame the EU for putting us on a black list when clearly we are the ones at fault, with all sorts of idiots being nominated at the Financial Services Commission/Authority, and whose understanding of the word "supervision" is limited only to bending down in front of a sexually frustrated politician....

6/ No other Prime Minister would keep shamefully quiet when clear allegations of money laundering/fraud are made against him over the purchase of land for him by third parties---allegations that first surfaced in 2011 and which have now been resurrected by Roshi Bhadain. But he is stupid enough to keep relying on coffres fort where Rs 224 millions of 'donations politiques' were found in Navin Ramgoolam's house, and failing to realise that we know that he and his father have received far more in donations politiques (and from drugs dealers...) than any other political leader. Or that people will rightly ask where the Rs 300 millions allegedly spent on his new house have come from....or the over hundred million rupees that Sherry Darling is spending over his new palace when he was just a koler lafis in 2014...

7/ No other Prime Minister has ever held two foreigners against their will in the house of the then Attorney General, and tried to manufacture a deal with commissions over our Duty Free...

Roshi Bhadain knows about this too as he was well as Rakesh Gooljaury, fraudster extraordiner...What happened to the affidavit the two foreigners made in early 2015 complaining about the sequestration? CCID p enkor etidier, do! 

8/ No other Prime Minister has ever raped our democracy to such an extent that he thinks it is wonderful politics to nominate an ogre as Speaker of our National Assembly.

Parliamentary democracy is now dead as all the rules have been thrown out to be replaced by something called 'Standing Orders' which the current Speaker and his useless Deputy clearly do not understand or misinterpret at leisure, and which are used simply to kick people out of the National Assembly. 

9/ No other Prime Minister has ever used the privilege we have granted him as our Prime Minister to use that post as a means for him and his friends, relatives, and obedient dogs to get rich as soon as possible, with our money. No other Prime Minister has ever chaired meetings which allocated Rs 1.5 billions of our money to quincaillerie owners and jewellers to buy pharmaceutical products that have not been used so far.
10/ Aneerood Jugnauth, Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Berenger all made significant mistakes during their times as PM. But no Prime Minister has ever transgressed the rules of our democracy as Pravind Kumar Jugnauth has.

The MBC has always been rotten since our independence but it has never been the cheap brothel that it has become since 2014. Our institutions have always seen nominations of idiots as their heads, but not to the extent that we have witnessed since 2015.

They have now become corrupt branches of the rotten tree known as our government. And no Prime Minister, despite themselves appointing tea makers as advisers, has ever nominated so many incredibly bad advisers. It is as if PJ was presented with a list of the most mediocre, incompetent idiots and asked to pick the worst ones as his advisers...and he readily did so! 

You would have to be incredibly stupid, thick headed, insensate, dopey, and imbecilic to preside over such a terrible and calamitous state of affairs....Ti cretin, you said, Paul Berenger? I think you were being too kind and generous...

Dimanche 13 Septembre 2020

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