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[Paul Lismore] How did we get lumbered with a dangerous halfwit as Prime Minister ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 17 Mai 2021

[Paul Lismore] How did we get lumbered with a dangerous halfwit as Prime Minister ?
This will be a short post because writing a longer one will only be full of swear words and insults at the bastards supposedly running this country.

From a police commissioner who simply does not have a clue about policing as he spent most of his time doing stupid press ups at the his Head of the CCID, an old age pensioner who returned on contract simply because he is related to the Jugs and will do anything that the ti cretin tells him to.

From a Prime Minister who still has not grown out of the shorts he was compelled to wear from Form 1 to Form V at the Royal College, Curepipe, and who remains the spoilt, irritating little brat he has always been...(BTW, how did such an idiot manage to get a place at my alma mater?). To his army of arse lickers who could not care less about the future of this island, or the fabric of its society, and whose constrained little brains resonate with only one incredibly slavish and stupid thought: " Pravind, to meme mo mari!".

How stupid do you have to be to give orders to an incredibly useless police commissioner to arrest someone at 2 in the morning, and not realising that this will in fact turn your 'victim' into a martyr? How dense and brainless can you be for you not to realise that Mauritians hate bullies, especially those who hide underneath the skirts of an overpowering wife, and who has this constant urge to show how 'macho' he is, despite all his efforts so far having shown him to be quite a feeble, impotent specimen?

How simple minded and empty headed can you be to not understand the basic concept that threatening to "kass lerin mafia la drog' is incompatible with the public perception of the MSM being behind most major drugs importation to Mauritius since the eighties?

You must be really pig ignorant to believe that having a monstrous ogre as Speaker to besmirch the reputation of our National Assembly will get you brownie points from not only your wooden headed table thumpers but from everyone else.

You have destroyed our democracy and turned our National assembly into a circus where the clowns make only themselves laugh whilst making the rest of us curse you and your mob of retards.

As the opposition can no longer do anything of any value in the National Assembly, the time has come for more drastic action. In 1969, Bernadette Devlin became the youngest ever female MP(at that time) at 21 years old. In January 1972, British paratroopers murdered 14 unarmed, peaceful Catholic protestors, the massacre known as " Bloody Sunday". Bernadette had of course attended that march for equal civil rights in Northern Ireland, and flew back to London for the debate on Bloody Sunday. The Speaker refused to let her speak, despite the Home Secretary telling some blatant lies. This is what then happened:

As she herself recalled “And that’s when I caught out of the corner of my eye, the Liar. I thought to myself, ‘I can’t lift that mace but I can put the fear of God in you for thirty seconds’.”Bernadette walked up to Reginald Maudling, the Home Secretary who had just lied to the world in order to cover up a massacre by the British Army, and slapped him. A brawl quickly broke out, with Tories attacking this 5 foot tall, 23 year-old woman and Labour MPs flying in to her defence – the Parliamentary session was suspended."

Now, don't you think it is time for the opposition to do that in our National Assembly, instead of their annoying, quite useless, long, boring press conferences? We no longer have a National Assembly worthy of that name, so Honourable members of the opposition would justify the title " Honourable" if one of them could slap a thieving, corrupt bastard next time....

That would be far better than PNQ's that are never answered, don't you think? 

Lundi 17 Mai 2021

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