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[Paul Lismore] History shows us that you need more tgan one extraordinarily successful march to get rid of a dictator

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 30 Août 2020

Yesterday's march was an incredibly successful one which, I am sure must have surpassed the expectations of even the most optimistic amongst us. So many Mauritians gathered in Port Louis and in the capital cities of the countries where many have emigrated and with only one message to the PM: "BEZ FESS ALLER!".

Yes, it was a wonderful day, which was nevertheless spoiled by a press conference which was ill advised and which does not augur well for the future, if that is how things are going to proceed.

From a national movement of Lepep which thrilled all right thinking Mauritians, we ended up with a press conference where one chap was so full of himself that one feared he might vomit at any moment, another one, a rescape from the MSM and who now has serendipitously managed to hitch himself to Bruneau Laurette's coat tails, and a woman performing the stereotypical woman's role in all parties of looking pretty but silent...Why? Is this the renouveau? Really?

Anyway, those who delude themselves into believing that Pravin Jugnauth will resign this week, because of the terrible shock that this march must have given him, had better think again.

History has shown us time and time again that no thieving dictator ever resigns from office as a result of one march...

Think of Ceausescu of Roumania, of the dictators in all the satellite countries of the USSR, of Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan, of Franco of Spain, of Marcos and his chef de la cuisine, his wife, in the Philippines, of Lukashenko in Belarus today, etc etc. These evil little toads will stay in power until they are forced to resign either by the police/army forcing them to do so, or the Supreme Court giving a judgement that shows that the elections which brought them to power were rigged, as happened in Malawi when the Supreme Court held that President Peter Mutharika’s 2019 election was invalid because of widespread irregularities.

Can you see this happening in Mauritius? Where police commissioners are trained to perfection to be the nodding lapdogs of Prime Ministers, and to refuse to accept their constitutional freedom? Where our Supreme Court p enkor etidier ban petitions ziska 2024 kan nouvo elections pou bizin fer? Where the electoral commissioner has become another expert in saying " I was not aware"?

Pravind Jugnauth will not resign, and you can bet your house on that. He knows what will happen to him and the incredible fortunes he and his la cuisine have amassed since 2014 should a decent opposition win power. Pena lakol pli for ki sa lakol ki fer la main ene diktater kol avek pouvoir!

The only way that he will resign, sorry might resign, will be when the soucerres behind him are made to feel so frightened about the consequences to them and their precious pensions if a good opposition takes over. And that can only happen if those individuals are targeted from now on.

For example, 1/ serious consideration ought to be given to holding massive demonstrations in front of the MBC and warning those mercenaries about their perilous future with a change of government if they don't start doing their job professionally.

2/ Forget this nonsense about the independence of the judiciary. the way the Supreme Court has treated with contempt those electoral petitions 10 months after the last elections tell you all you need to know about its sense of priority. That sacred cow has turned out to be one that shits on the will of the people, and must not escape the attention of the protesters.

3/ That monstrosity known as ICAC has had its own way for too long, and it is time for people to vociferously shout their disapproval of its lack of independence and the absolute uselessness of the chuttur ka mou that leads it. 4/ Our police force has become the proverbial pride of (mostly..) lions led by donkeys. Time for us to read slowly the few lines in our Constitution that show his independence to the police commissioner, so that he can understand them. We simply can no longer have our police force under the full control of idiots in the PMO, and led by a puppet in uniform...

I fear this is the only way to bring pressure on this government. Pravind Jugnauth has turned too many people in too many so called 'independent' institutions into mindless sycophants and boot lickers who no longer do their jobs, but who find that their greatest achievement of the day is when they have carried out some illegal order from the PMO.

 It is time for us to make them feel the fear that they have made us feel for far too long.

Dimanche 30 Août 2020

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