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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 24 Novembre 2019

Imagine this: You have been in post for over 20 years:

Nice job that allows you to look very important, where your presence at parties, functions, manzer boir is considered very necessary; where you manufacture a reputation for yourself as a great individual, a 'patriot', a real luminary in all electoral matters, and you are helped in this venture by zourlanus whose role seems to simply look for the 'right' arse to lick. You are then invited around the world to monitor elections and you can go on all sorts of missions with their extremely juicy per diem.

You are constantly reminded that we live in an I.T. hub, but you give the impression that you believe the internet is the work of the Devil and you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge its effectiveness as a really effective tool to reach the masses and to educate Lepep about its rights and responsibilities at election time.

Everyone could see the huge amount of bias by the MBC, by toilet papers created specifically to favour one side against the other, and by trolls manufactured en masse who really annoy people with their inability to grasp basic grammar and spelling.

Everyone talks about the huge amounts of money distributed during this electoral campaign, esp in the last 24 hours before polling day. We have all seen the terrible intrusions in someone's private life, and you seem to be the only person on the planet who has not realised its corruptive influence on the electorate. But you remain resolutely quiet, hence giving the impression that you have traded your constitutional independence for an imaginary place in la cuisine.

You stubbornly insist on sending thousands of canvassers to register people, and they do that during working hours when a lot of people will be working and therefore not at home. You then believe irrationally that an advert in papers that people rarely buy or on an MBC watched only by people who who are two slices short of a sandwich, will be noticed by the population. You have a website that Google advises us is "Not secure", and your website provides as much useful information as you will find in the adverts sections of our newspapers, i.e. bullshit.

Over 20 years in a cushy, extremely well paid job, and we have yet to hear you make any proposals for reinforcing our electoral laws or on anything to do with elections.

You seem to believe that your job is to serve the government and not to serve the people who pay your very nice salary. You kept quiet, as usual, when the government shoved individuals from la cuisine into the Electoral Supervisory Commission, thus destroying its nominal independence.

An I.T. Hub that incredibly cannot understand how easy it is to register people online, and to keep them informed online...How difficult can it be to register everyone over 18 and to delete all those who have died? Those figures are readily available....

How difficult can it be for you to say that it is wrong to give the vote to ANY Commonwealth citizen who has lived in Mauritius for only TWO years and yet deprive Mauritians born and bred here and who have gone abroad their fundamental right to vote?

Other countries do it...How difficult can it be to implement a continuous Roll register so that citizens can themselves register any time during the year, instead of the system that has failed so badly at the last elections?

So, grab a sandwich and see if you can eat it quicker than the time it takes to register online in real democracies. And when you fail to do even that, stop threatening to resign. Be Nike and Just Do It!

And take that branch of la cuisine known as the ESC with you.

Dimanche 24 Novembre 2019

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