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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 20 Février 2020

We live in a dictatorship masquerading as a democracy: it does not matter which party wins the elections every five years, it does not matter how many times these bozos tell us " Ar nou non!" or " Mo la main, mo fesse, tou prop", or the lament of the broken down "tempo", "Ar moi, zot dal pa pou cuit!".....the end result will still be the same: the leader of the party with the most seats will have all the powers of a dictator for the next five years.

He can hire and fire at will; people supposedly holding constitutional posts which should guarantee their independence end up being his lapdogs, as exemplified by the police commissioner, the electoral commissioner, etc. And our home grown dictator rapidly believes that the delusion suffered by the vast majority of our politicians is indeed reality: that larzan taxpayers vreman pou mari so mama sa!

So, our darling PM, whether he be the Jugs, Ramgoolam, or Berenger, will celebrate his victory with this first priority of all priorities:

Which idiot in my party can I nominate to a post where he/she has never shown any aptitude, skill, or intelligence, and how many millions of rupees of taxpayers' money can I give him/her? Fuck the economy, our balance of payment deficit, our national debt, etc! These are trivial matters and only the 'anti patriots' talk about these things.

You see, our darling PMs have only one priority: Which bastard on my side will I keep happy, or which little slut will drop her knickers as soon as I mention " nomination"?

You think I am being too harsh or too cynical? Ask yourself this simple question: When was the last time you heard any politician, any political leader say that the powers of patronage of the Prime Minister of Mauritius are too vast and are inherently anti democratic?

When have you ever heard any of these wretched people say that in order for our institutions to thrive in a spirit of independence and objectivity, the Prime Minister must remove his grubby paws from the direct management of the police force, the parastatal orgs, the civil service, in fact in every aspect of our lives?

They all exhort you to "Vote pou moi! Vote bloc!", but they never tell you in what way they will be different from their opponents.

All they want is the power of the leader of the largest party in the National Assembly so that they can maja karo in their own peculiar style. Not one of them wants to change the political structure which ensures that corruption and nepotism continues, irrespective of which party is in power.

Heard of that independent, autonomous body called the Mauritius Revenue Authority?

It has been led for many years by a Pakistani gentleman, someone who hails from one of the most corrupt countries on earth, and who therefore is well aware of the methods politicians abuse our institutions in order to punish or harass opponents.

We currently have a new branch of the MRA, created specifically to target all those perceived as 'opponents' of the government. It's role is purely to harass and to torment people, regardless of their hitherto clean history or their age. This is what is currently happening in our democracy, and somehow this disgraceful attack on our democracy has escaped the notice of opposition politicians and our wonderful zourlanus...In democratic Mauritius, our citizens now can only have friends who shout loudly their affection for the MSM..

Heads they win, tails we lose. We kick the bastards out of power, but the corpses reanimate themselves into life by the PM nominating them as High Commissioners, Chairmen, CEO's etc. All of course at our expense.

It is not often I praise a newspaper article, but well done to Karen Walter and her colleague for reminding us of the insane and hugely undemocratic powers of patronage of the Prime Minister. Lepep dire bour deor, in bour deor a cou pied, mai Premier Ministre dire nou: Ban bon dimoune sa! Zot envi servi pays! Mo pou nomme zot et ene ferfoute zot pa pou kapav fer....

The tragedy? He is of course right, in our so called democracy, where most people are now more concerned about getting their own ti boutte....

Jeudi 20 Février 2020

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