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[Paul Lismore] Getting justice from our courts is similar to drawning blood from a stone...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 11 Août 2022

I notice many people celebrating their own perception and gogotologue deduction that tomorrow, the Supreme Court will find in favour of Suren Dayal and against Pravind Jugnauth and his 2 dummies...I wish their forecast will turn out to be true..But I am afraid that forecast is similar to the many people who whisper in other people's ears at the Champs de Mars, " Sire gagner sa! Banker sa! Palfrenier la in souffler dan fesse souval la, et bebete la pou gagner sa!", only to find out five minutes later that they have bet their houses on a donkey...

99% of journalists/zourlanus/politiciens/ serviteurs du pays/ gogotologues/sousoutologues/observateurs politiks/assorted soucerres/rich people/the upper middle classes will always tell you that we have a "free and independent judiciary". But then they would say that, wouldn't they? When was the last time you saw any individual from all those aforementioned groups condemned by any court of law in Mauritius?

Well, I can't remember any...And yet thieves and liars proliferate like wild rabbits within those groups..
How many of the few cases involving those people have ended up with a nolle prosequi? Or a judgement that says there was an abuse of process, usually from magistrates and judges who cannot see the bruises on the faces of a working class accused? How many times have their cases been stopped because la police pa in fini conplet lenket/DPP p tro gratte fesse et p pran tro boukou letan pou bring a formal charge? How many times do we hear of magistrates/judges taking weeks/months to decide on a stupid point of law, when any court in the UK would complete the job in 30 minutes/less than an hour? How many times are cases delayed by lawyers not turning up repeatedly, or they need more time to do whatever they do? And then use these delays as a breach of the human rights of their usually well off clients, and the benevolent judge then stops the trial completely?

I am afraid there is as much chance of the 2 judges cancelling the elections of PJ and his two dummies tomorrow as there is of our Speaker saying, "Whisky? Rhum? No, thank you! I am a very respectable man!"

It has taken the 2 judges nearly a year to come to the judgement they will read tomorrow....Based on our history and the past performances of our wonderful courts, my money is on them telling Suren Dayal: " Sorry, your points are very valid, and in a real etat de droit, you would win.  But the verdict goes against you!" After all, Pravind Jugnauth already owns all our institutions. What makes you think that the judiciary is out of the reach of his grubby paws too?  In the meantime, kontinier reve, ban kamarades! 

Jeudi 11 Août 2022

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