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[Paul Lismore] From Sinner to Saint after 6 years of collusion with evil...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 8 Février 2021

Ki zot gagner, vouzot? Zot 14 p glisser? Memoire nepli travay et vine selective ene sel kou? Sorry, but I refuse to join in the glorification of someone who admittedly has done the decent thing in resigning from this odious government.

Yes, Nando Bodha has done something which is quite rare amongst our politicians, and resigned from a position that affords him many quite immoral privileges, and an apparently bottomless pit of our money for politicians in government to dip their filthy hands in, whenever the mood takes them. 

So, well done Nando Bodha! But tell us, would you have resigned if that evil entity known as la cuisine had not given clear instructions for you to be ostracised? Would you have resigned if you were not perceived as being a member of "la vieille garde" still in the government, and therefore had to be got rid of? You certainly are not the Last of the Mohicans, but you were definitely the last of the vieille garde still in the cabinet...

Let us look at your record when you were a chef in la cuisine, and you and Lady Macbeth were in charge of selecting candidates for the 2014 elections.

You were responsible for giving us a bunch of idiots who thankfully did not receive a ticket in 2019. Your real value lies in the fact that you were not responsible for lumbering us with worse idiots in 2019, and God will never forgive Lady Macbeth for inflicting upon us disgusting little oiks like Nuckcheddy, Chukowry, Lachanya, Subhasatini, Gregoire's woman with more muscles than Arnold Swarzenegger, Dhunnoo, Jagutpal, that thing whose teeth makes her an ideal dentist's dummy, Teena Jutton, Maudhoo, Mayotte, Bablee, Ramyead, Ramkaun, etc, etc. 

People tend to forget and instead prefer to go for the flavour of the day, which you happen to have been since last Saturday. I don't forget.

I don't forget how you wasted almost Rs 60 millions for the 2018 Independence Day " celebrations", which means that our money was wasted on luxury food for you and your lot in government and the chatwas who always hover around politicians. Remember the Rs 7 millions wasted on "Mauritius Cinema Week", where you dressed up as Lawrence of Arabia but looked like a Bedouin with terminal constipation? How many millions of our rupees did you waste for the launching ceremony of Metro Express? Was it Rs 7 millions? With Rs 600,000 on food for the greedy bastards, and Rs 100,000 for portable toilets for the shits to drop the best part of themselves in?

Have people forgotten how a big sewerage pipe broke during the works for Metro and drowned the inhabitants of Beau Bassin with the stench of shit? What was your solution? Give each household some deodorant? Eoula! Sa meme ki ban zoaves p flatte ou "intellizans" zordi?

Remember your brother in law, Kailash "pony tail" Trilochun? How everyday was Xmas for him with you as minister? "Rs 600 DE L’ÉTAT PAR MOIS

Du 22 mai 2015 au 21 mars 2016, Me Kailash Trilochun a touché Rs 3,3 millions à l’ICTA. Institution où il est toujours en poste. Ce qui fait une moyenne de Rs 300 000 par mois. À la RDA, il touche Rs 40 000 par mois. À la FIU, Rs 54 600. Des honoraires rendus publics à l’Assemblée nationale. Ce, sans compter les extras. En somme, l’État lui verse au moins Rs 394 600 chaque mois pour ses conseils légaux au sein des différents organismes où il a été nommé."

And I do not forget the Rs 19 millions (or was it Rs 21 millions?) given to your brother in law for 6 weeks' work at ICTA.....

I am afraid I do not subscribe to the view that your resignation on Saturday somehow beatifies you and has turned you into a saint. You resigned not out of a sense of patriotism or even because you wanted to do the right thing. You resigned for entirely selfish reasons: the sewer you have relished swimming in for so many years no longer wanted you, and stupidly decided to ostracise you. That bruised your ego, and we all know how monstrously big the egos of our politicians are. 

But you are lucky. Lucky that politicians who want power will grab at anything in order to achieve that aim.

I do not believe that you are Prime Minister material, even though I am sure you would have made a better PM than PJ, had the old dog not decided to let his genes take precedence over the future of this country. I do not believe that Berenger has offered you the position of PM, for a very simple reason: 

Berenger is in no position to make that offer as his party has lost most of the popularity that it had until 2010.Berenger is Berenger and will never lose his habit of making promises that are unrelated to reality.

This selective amnesia that many seem to be suffering from since Saturday makes many of us feel quite uncomfortable. Rama Valayden, an otherwise intelligent man, seems to often fall victim to easy emotionalism, which leads him to make some unwise declarations. Asking Nando Bodha to join him, his Avengers, and whatever political group he has in mind is akin to a mongoose telling a lonely cobra, " Vine ar moi! To in sanzer! To nepli ar banla aster!"

Ask yourself just one question: Name anything that Nando Bodha has ever said or done to show that he disapproves of/condemns any of the numerous excesses and sins of this government: from the theft of Dawood Rawat's properties and assets, to the Central Procurement Board behaving like Ali Baba's cavern, Nando has remained resolutely silent for many years. He enjoyed the good life when he was in the sewer. He has come out of the sewer now only because the rats no longer want him. 

Compare his resignation with that of another minister who did so because the mafia had taken over our island....a mafia which Nando colluded with for the last 6 years. Yes, I am talking about Roshi Bhadain, someone who I have criticised on numerous occasions about his role in the theft of BAI. Fair play to the man, he started from a position of great weakness when he resigned to one of acceptance and respect for the way he has worked hard to redeem his image.

Now compare the reaction of the opposition to the resignation of Bodha with the stupid reticence in taking months before deciding to allow Bhadain and his party to join them. They now shout "Bravo!". Why? 14 p glisser?

Well done to Bodha for resigning. But I am afraid I cannot forget how he went along with all the nasty things this government has been doing for the last 6 years. 
Ban seki in blier, rekoumans boir zot Sanatogen....

Lundi 8 Février 2021

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