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[Paul Lismore] Fourth anniversary of the biggest theft on our island

le Mardi 2 Avril 2019


Some pertinent points to ponder...

1/ Hardly anyone, including the government thieves, talk about 'Ponzi' when they refer to BAI/Bramer these days. Why? Because even thoroughly shameless thieves and ravenously hungry rascals know that the "Ponzi" nonsense is now completely discredited, save for some of the intellectual wizards on Facebook or in the comments sections of our newspapers who love to see their names in print to, I suppose, reassure themselves that they can at least spell their names correctly...

2/ No one has been able to answer a simple question: If Dawood Rawat paid ALL his insurance investors, etc, on time (and sometimes well before time), how can you call that a ponzi? If to date, not one saver has made public his/her annoyance that he/she had to fight/struggle for his/her policies to be reimbursed with interest after completion, where the fuck is the Ponzi?

Anyway, these are simple, basic points. What really offends me and annoys me immensely is the number of zavokas in this country, esp a substantial number who pretend to be serviteurs du pays in our National Assembly, and who have ignored completely a central failure of this government in terms of law, and which therefore makes every action taken by the Accuntant/Special Administrator sipaki completely ILLEGAL....

Yes, illegal, and therefore every bargain basement sale of the assets of BAI/Bramer that he has presided over has been nothing but bare faced theft.

It is not my intention to help those zavokas serviteurs du pays with the points of law that they themselves had enacted into our legislation. They can fucking do it by themselves, the useless waste of space that they represent, whether in government or in opposition. But I will give them some pointers, which ought to concern them esp as they love to call themselves 'patriots'. As for the Bar council, they are still waiting for last orders to be announced, I suppose...

They need to look at "Part XI A-Special Administrator", an amendment to the Insurance Act passed on 29th May 2015, 28 days after Lutchmeenaraidoo, SAJ, Bhadain, Manraj and a few other assassins murdered BAI/Bramer in the dark of the night. And also to the Insolvency Act, esp paras 222-240 inclusive.

They will find, inter alia, that :

a/ NO creditors' meeting had been arranged by the Special Administrator.

b/ NO watershed meeting was organised or held by the Special administrator within the 28 days specified by the Insolvency Act...Nor has any watershed meeting been held since.

Let me just explain briefly the importance of the Creditors' Committee and that Watershed meeting which, by law, SHOULD have been convened by the Special Administrator.

Section 240(1)(b) refers: " ...A Watershed meeting....may resolve THAT THE ADMINISTRATION SHOULD END".

Except that in this wonderful democracy of ours, NO creditors were given the opportunity to end the nasty role of the Special Administrator, because the Accuntant/Special Administrator chose not to hold the meeting he is required to by law!
On 26th August 2015, the FSC, also known as Manraj's bastard and unruly child, appointed Yacoob Ramtoola as Special Administrator of BAI/Bramer.

This means therefore that by breaching the Insolvency Act in not calling a Creditors' / Watershed meeting within the 28 days stipulated BY LAW, the special administration had died by itself on 24th September 2015...therefore all his nasty acts of selling incredibly cheaply the assets of BAI and related entities are null, void, and ILLEGAL.

This also includes Britam, which weirdly Judge Domah is finding hard to finalise and make credible with his refusal on very stupid grounds to refuse Dawood Rawat the right to give his version of how Britam was sold cheaply...)

But it gets worse, my dear Lepep ki kontan avale tou gro koulev nou ban politiciens et zot bon kamarades, nou zourlanus mercenaires...

In my humble opinion, the appointment of Yacoob Ramtoola was UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL from the very beginning, on grounds that are different to the ones mentioned above. Under Section 110 A of the Insurance Act, which was amended specifically by the thieves to cover their sins, but rather ineptly, NO report was submitted by the FSC to the minister BEFORE he could approve the nomination of the Special Administrator. 

You will also remember that BDO, the firm of accountants with Yacoob as the figurehead, had been the auditor of Bramer Property Fund for over two decades, up until the night of the long knives on April 2nd 2015. So, how on earth can it be legal for him to be Special Administrator as the law expressly forbids this?

Pravin Jugnauth is being incredibly dense and cretinous if he thinks that the BAI/Bramer problem which his government caused in its entirety, will somehow vanish if he keeps quiet about it. I have news for him: It will play a significant part in the next general elections, and if Navin Ramgoolam shows that he is marginally less cretinous, he will make BAI/Bramer the centrepiece of his electoral campaign.

Not through some electoral bribery which seems like a gimmick without any explanation from him, but with a clear timeline of a proper Commission of Inquiry, with a specific time frame, chaired by an outside Judge, and which will show the level of thievery and callousness of the idiots we voted into power in December 2014.

And I will not stop hammering away at the Theft of the Century, committed in broad daylight, even if the politicians do nothing. I am used to them being useless and interested in only one thing: Getting power in order to steal more from us.

Mardi 2 Avril 2019

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