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[Paul Lismore] For once, I feel terribly sorry for Pravind Jugnauth

Rédigé par E. Moris le Lundi 5 Juillet 2021

Imagine having this terrible problem: You have an incompetent and arrogant team that has simply not delivered the goods and people are making their anger and frustration more audible every day.

You know you have to get rid of some of them and replace them, but what can you do when you look at your team of substitutes, and you realise that these are even worse, much worse than the mediocre team you need to  replace?

If you don't believe me, cast your eyes on these names, and you then tell yourselves whether anyone with the full command of his faculties would ever want to promote these individuals whose dubious skills reside in their tap la tab nonsense and hardly anything else:  Bablee, Chuckowree, Dhaliah, Dhunnoo, Diolle, Doolub, Ittoo, Jutton, Luchmun Roy, Mayotte, Nazurally, Nuckcheddy, Ramchurrun, Ramdhany, Ramkaun, Ramyad, Rawoo, Tour. I apologise if you do not recognise the names of many of these nonentities....

Yes, that is the sum total of the people so deluded that they really believe they are amply qualified to be ministers. Admittedly, you don't need to be a genius for the quality of your work to be better than that of Jagutpal, Daureeawoo-Jeewa, Dookhun-Luchoomun, Balgobin, Bholah, Toussaint, Padaleksi, Gobin, Hurdoyal, Husnoo, in fact almost anyone in the current cabinet. But there is bad and there is shit bad.

And I am afraid those on the replacement bench fall squarely in the shit bad category, and are only called into service in case of force majeure, i.e.unforeseeable circumstances like a nuclear strike that has decimated L'hotel du gouvernman...Otherwise, it would be best to leave them well alone, and to let them hone their skills at playing the tabla in the National Assembly to perfection. 

So, what does Pravind Jugnauth do? Well, sa zoli mamzel dan PMSD p fer lizier dou in p tro, non? Or he could just continue with his current bunch of katar until the next elections, and hope that another old age pension hefty bribe, promoting even dead police officers next time, another PRB brought forward to buy the loyalty of those ever so hard working civil servants, and Lee Ki Shim resuming his role as postman for those important cash deliveries and Kentucky takeaways, will help him to win the next elections....with the help of the ESC, the Electoral Commissioner, and the police of course...As well as the help of a divided and quite useless opposition pulling in all directions, and containing as many idiots within their ranks as the team in government...

After all, there does not seem to be any limit to the stupidity and selfishness of Lepep Kouyon....and whatever we might think of Pravin Jugnauth, he of all our political leaders has understood this sad truth, and exploited it to the max.

Lundi 5 Juillet 2021

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