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[Paul Lismore] Fish always rots from the head...and our Prime Minister is the proof of that truism

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 13 Décembre 2020

This fact is simply inescapable: Never in our history have we had a more incompetent, useless, "Unprime minister", than the current one who stole his way to power in November 2019.

There is nothing about his personality that says " I am the Prime Minister". In a line up of all our Prime Ministers, where they all stand side by side, you would have to be pretty stupid not to notice how he is the only one who does not look like a Prime Minister.

Say what you like about SSR, SAJ, NR, or PRB, but compared to Pravind Jugnauth, they all had the force, the panache, the oomph, the pizzazz of a real Head of State (forget the President). One almost instinctively felt that those previous four knew what they were doing as Prime Minister, and that despite their many shenanigans, one could almost rely on them to do what is best for the country, even if that meant some harm to their own political party.

What have we got with Pravind Jugnauth? An immature little man yet to outgrow his days in the school grounds, and whose life revolves around the number of absolute idiots he can call as members of his gang.

Tell me, even if you are not a politician, can you ever imagine yourself being 'friends' in ordinary, normal life with most of the people on the government benches? If you do, then you certainly need the help of a psychiatrist, but please don't visit Jagutpal as your sessions with him are likely to make you madder.

We have a Prime Minister with a "Leader of the Gang" mentality, and therefore can never be the statesman that all Prime Ministers like to aspire to.

All that matters to him is the protection, defence, and enrichment of his gang , even if that harms the reputation and future of his party. We have no better evidence of that childish mentality than his incredibly puerile defence of Yogida Sawmynaden, a man who exemplifies along with so many in government and its nominees how low our standards in public life have plummeted. 

I speak to many, many people from all sides of the political divide (not as Paul Lismore, of course, as there are too many macros/makrel around...), and I have yet to come across anyone with a word of praise about the way Pravind Jugnauth has handled the terrible events surrounding the gruesome murder of Kistnen.

The most common reaction is " Avek SAJ, so lipied pa ti pou tousse carpet sitan vite SAJ ti pou bour Yogida deor!". Like Father, so unlike son, in this case...

The fish rots from the head....The most dangerous work on the island now is that of Procurement officer, where you stand a good chance of being murdered and burnt, or you get the sudden urge to leave your car in Ebene and you find the cliffs of Gris Gris so appealing that you 'drown' yourself without even some last words to your wife, or you decide that you can fly from the 11th floor of Medine Mews at Ebene...
Procurement...where so many frauds have taken place and billions of our rupees are now in the pockets of bandits and bad bastards. NEVER FORGET WHO CHAIRED THOSE " EMERGENCY" PROCUREMENT COMMITTEES! Yes, the fish always rots from the head...

And now, he has cancelled questions on Tuesday at the last sitting of the National Assembly this year. He and his gang probably believe that is a very cunning thing to do, whilst the rest of us scream " Sa ban voleurs la pena oken la honte dan zot fesse?"

If the opposition had any decency, any sense of honour, it would attend Parliament on Tuesday, honour the National Anthem, and then walk out, and perhaps spend time helping the poor members of their constituencies. Attending parliament will be nothing but condoning the inexcusable behaviour of the gang and its leader. And it would show a terrible disregard for those who have been murdered by the bastards in power!

Yes, walk out! And if that disgusting Speaker wants to pull out his dick and shake it in front of the cameras, no one will be watching it.

Dimanche 13 Décembre 2020

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