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[Paul Lismore] Favourite fairy tales of all our politicians

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 8 Septembre 2021

" Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers."---Nikita Khrushchev.

1/ " Ene sel pays, ene sel nation"....and we know that politicians are the ones who will do everything in order to divide us into small groups, based on race, caste, ethnicity, and especially religion. They have become experts in creating a divided nation, helped to a large extent by hypocrites from all religions pretending to be God's representatives on earth.

2/ "Nou pou arete korription!". Every 5 years they promise us that particular fairy tale, and we find the day after the elections that the new lot is just as bad, if not worse, than the previous rotten lot.

3/ "Nou pou arete gaspiyaz!". a/ The day after the elections, they are all queuing up outside the limousines showroom in order to pick up monstrously expensive penile extensions with personalised number plates, all paid for in full by a Lepep Kouyon.

   b/ Individuals that no sane person would ever employ find themselves the day after elections to have magically become the top earners on the island: Rs 170,000 per month minimum for what basically are the dregs of society...If some of them are even more stupid than the average MLA, then they become ministers, and they take from us at least Rs 350,000 a month, with an even bigger amount going to someone who no one voted for and who becomes known as the "Speaker"...or as in the current case, the "Bellower" or the "Barker", who is so stupid that he thinks the nickname "Loudspeaker" is a term of affection for someone as loathsome as him.

  c/ They fool you once, they fool you twice, and the third time, you decide they really are hopeless cases and you kick them out of Parliament. Is that the end of the story? Oh no! The fairy tale continues for these parasites with a lovely pension until death thankfully takes them away from us for good. 

4/ " Nou bizin Gender Equality! Bizin pli boukou fam dan parlman!" And the final list of candidates then reveal once again that the majority component of our population has been given not even a quarter of the tickets available... And these women tend to be picked for the most difficult seats, so that Mauritius will once again rank at the very bottom in the league for gender equality in parliaments around the world.

 As for quality, a quick look at our current female parliamentarians tells you that male political leaders really are not serious at all, because they apparently believe that gender equality necessarily means, with very few exceptions, selecting the most hideous and stupid women around as candidates....

5/ " Papa/piti, Kouzin/kouzinne/ neve/niece, tanton/tantine/ macro/maitresses, etc, AR NOU NON! NOU POU ARETE SA!". And we soon find that unemployment can be 10% for the population but 0% for the families of the  "patriotes" in the government.

6/ "Nou bizin transparence! Freedom of Information Act!!"...And for the next five years, they try to hide everything from us, because thieves love to work in the dark...

So, there you have it. Fairy tales do exist, and in Mauritius, they take the form of " Si zot vote moi, mo promet..."

Mercredi 8 Septembre 2021

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