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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 8 Octobre 2019

Whether you like him or not, I believe most decent people will feel upset and annoyed that Hassenjee Ruhomally's Facebook account has been blocked, on the spurious and highly convenient ground that he is apparently " a threat to national security".

Most people with an ounce of objectivity and independence of spirit in them will recognise the huge contradiction in this: that a government that has stolen so much from its own people and which has governed us with a degree of incompetence hitherto unseen in our history is itself the real threat to our national security.

But we know that empty words like 'national security' or 'anti patriote' are the favourite accusations of corrupt and repressive governments whenever they want to choke dissent and prevent people from expressing themselves.

I am told that the request/order to Facebook to block Hassenjee Ruhomally's account comes directly from the Prime Minister Office, on the basis of crap reports sent by the agents of the National "Security'' Service. T

he same National Suppression Service has a list of others that it wants Facebook to block their accounts, and surprise, surprise, my name figure highly on it...Together with the accounts of Tit alber Pinokyo, La Verite ki pou Deranz zot, and as a final kick after their destructive rampage over BAI/Bramer, the account of Laina Rawat too.

So, if you suddenly find that you cannot access my account, it will be because Facebook has blocked it because I am now a 'security threat', even after years of Facebook sending me annual videos of how much my posts were liked and giving me snapshots of each post....

Yes, I am a threat. But not to our National Security!

I am a threat to all the corrupt, thieving bastards who have bled our country dry and who have lumbered our children and grandchildren with a debt of over Rs 350 billions. I am a threat to those individuals who have taken massive loans on our behalf and who have magically transferred huge parts of those loans into their filthy pockets;

I am a threat to the hypocritical poseurs pretending to want to servi nou pays when we know that all they want to do is to have a stab themselves at our money;

I am a threat to mercenary zourlanus who every day vomits partisan nonsense on us whilst simultaneously licking the backsides of those they hope will give them a poxy "Press Advisor" post or a corrupt nomination par si par la. I will remain a threat to all the vultures who have enriched themselves over the carcass of BAI/Bramer and who have stolen all the assets of Dawood Rawat, "in broad daylight" as the mercenary from le mauricien likes to refer to the Ponzi that never was;

I will remain a threat to all those corrupt, money grabbing accuntants and zavokas who prey on the misery of others in order to guarantee themselves the luxurious lifestyle they feel they are entitled to.

I mentioned in a comment in an earlier post how the Clouseau compiling that list of 'anti patriotes' is someone called Inspector Mooniaruth of the National Suppression and Arse Licking Service. At a time when terrible crimes have become a normal occurrence in our daily lives, a corrupt government is more interested in putting cameras everywhere to spy on us with Rs 19 billions of our own money. When we are scared to go out as soon as it gets dark, a repressive government is using our police force not to fight crime but to fight and to repress us.

So, if Facebook wants to be an agent of the most repressive and corrupt government that we have ever known and decides to close my Facebook account, so be it. But Mark Zuckerberg would do well to remember his words in 2007: " For me and my colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates is just not an attractive idea to me.".

I am afraid blocking people's Facebook accounts because a corrupt government asks you to is very unattractive to decent people....esp when you then allow an army of trolls manufactured by the main financiers of the government to have free rein to pour their venom and fake news on the same Facebook...

In case Facebook has become an ally of our useless government and blocks my account, I will find a way to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the hypocrites and their mercenary twerps claiming to want to serve our country. As I have always done. The record is there for all to see that dan mo cafe pena triaz....or for Facebook to understand this bit of 'creolism' which can be loosely translated as: I hammer all corrupt bastards, whether they are PTr, MMM, MSM, PMSD, or any serviteur du pays who likes putting our money in his/her pockets.

But it would be a terrible shame if Facebook decides to forego its founding principles and becomes instead a supporter of oppression and corruption. Either you remain a voice for freedom and a defender of free speech or you just become a toy in the hands of unprincipled and corrupt people.

The ball is now in your court, Facebook!

Mardi 8 Octobre 2019

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