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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 10 Novembre 2019

In our 'democracy', it does not matter how you play the game, and how you win or lose.

Only one thing matters as soon as all the results are in: which party has won the most seats and therefore which leader will be the Prime Minister for the next five years, and basically then do as he wishes. Nothing else matters in our 'democracy'.

Once the results have been declared, that is it! Our Prime Minister becomes an autocrat, a dictator who, through a culture of opacity and no accountability worth its name, will act in any way that suits him, irrespective of the consequences on all of us and on the future of our island.

We can shout as much as we want about electoral bribery, about vote rigging, about weird manoeuvres over ballot boxes, about the vast amounts of money given away on the night before the elections in exchange for votes, about ballot papers flying out of the counting offices, about the huge number of voters who could not vote because they had been 'de registered' this year when in previous years they had no problem voting, about the terrible inefficiency and typically clerical attitude of the Electoral Commissioner and his staff who will justify his lamentable inaction as " korek, d'aprer la loi", but who then ignores his legal obligation to ensure that everything possible has been done to enable all eligible Mauritians to exercise their constitutional right to vote if they wish, about an Electoral Supervisory Commission stuffed with government appointees, etc etc.

None of that matters now. And in our 'democracy', nothing can be done to change the results, unless if you think that by officially complaining now and the courts give you an answer a few months before the next elections in 2024 (if you are lucky) is not a waste of your precious time... By hook or by crook, Pravin Jugnauth won. Full stop.

Pravin Jugnauth won because, as I said in an earlier post, he showed by far the greatest desire to win. When Ramgoolam appeared to be fascinated with making short videos of him looking at times domesticated and at other times 'statesmanlike' or attending as many weddings and receptions as possible, when Berenger was still striking his favourite pose of appearing to be thinking like a sage and deciding which hackneyed phrase to use again, Pravin Jugnauth was up and down the island, sometimes speaking at 3 different meetings in one day.

His mind was fixed on only one objective: how to win these elections. He of course knew that in an island where the favourite past time of communalist and fanatical bastards is to shout "Racistes! Kominalistes!" at their opponents, the clever man would go for the communities that were likely to vote for him and to split the votes of those communities who were more minded to vote for his opponents.

For that last objective, he had Gregoire, Lee Shim and his money, Veder and his creole vote splitting nonsense to thank for..But he has achieved this, with no little help from both Ramgoolam and Berenger. Let me explain:

The PTr already had between 70-80% of the Muslim vote and a significant proportion of the Creole vote. When the Hindu vote appeared to be edging towards a return to the PTr, what did Ramgoolam do?

At a meeting in Plaine Verte, i.e. in front of mostly Muslims, he made his infamous Katora 'joke', a joke that would have extracted huge laughs from Hindu soucerres if he had made it as Prime Minister, with soucerres competing with each other as to who will laugh the loudest. But as a defeated candidate seeking to regain the confidence of the electorate, it was a horrendously bad move.

The MSM, via its trolls and its shit spreaders via the MBC, Insane News, and the other monsters created by Gohin and Lee Shim had a field day and caused more damage with that 'joke' than the ridiculous Navin Gate videos which essentially showed someone having fun at a private function.

That joke was the killer blow to the PTr's chances of winning, and it was incredibly damaging that it came from the leader's mouth....especially when there was absolutely no need to amplify on what people already believed: that SAJ and the Jugs love, adore, idolise money.

Berenger knew in his heart of hearts that the MMM would not, could not win those elections. The hysteria caused by the relatively big crowds, first at the Bar Chacha meeting and then at the Port Louis meeting on the 3rd November helped to camouflage one basic fact: that the huge disappointment felt by many when his MMM joined a demoralised PTr in 2014 when victory was at hand with the Remake MMM/MSM, and the very disappointing result at the Belle Rose/Quatre Bornes by election two years later had made the gap simply too big.

The results anyway show that far from being the national party of the Seventies and Eighties, the MMM could now count on only the city dwellers to ensure victory, and even then, many of the bastions, like Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Plaine Verte, Montagne Longue, Riviere Noire, are now gone. Berenger knew that, and his tactics were simple: win enough seats compared to the low point of 2014 and therefore give the 'appearance' of a come back.

Even there, he failed because the MMM has won less seats in 2019 than in 2014. But his zombies will keep on yapping 'la main prop, la tete haute', like some deranged cult member in serious need of reprogramming therapy.

It was obvious to everyone that in the eventuality of a hung parliament, Berenger would go for an alliance with Ti frer Pravin. Now that there is a clear majority of seats for the MSM, did you see Berenger's reaction at yesterday's press conference when asked about joining the government? "Tro boner pou koz sa"....instead of following on his assertion that the MSM government pli pire ki gouvernman Ramgoolam and saying, "No way!".

I hear rumours that Joanna Berenger has expressed some displeasure about any notion of a MSM/MMM alliance, and if that is true, it is a wonderful way of showing that, in this case at least, Tifi pa pou suiv Papa. BTW, well done to first timer Joanna Berenger for topping the list with a more than handsome majority.

So, the facts are simple: Pravin Jugnauth won because he, unlike the other two leaders, knew that it would definitely be the end of the road for him, his family and his party if he lost these elections. He knew that and did all he could to ensure that that dreadful possibility did not turn into reality. The other two behaved with the tactical acumen of a catfish facing a crocodile...flapping around and hoping that escape is near whilst the crocodile swims serenely through...

We can all bitch now about the way he won, but that does not and cannot change anything. In our etat de droit, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done. So, live with it! You voted for him and I hope he lives up to your wishes.

For the first time in our history, we have had a 'party political' Prime Minister, i.e. a PM whose focus is on the end of his mandate and the return of his party to power, by any means possible. He will, as he has during the last mandate, put enormous resources in the constituencies that have voted for his party. We can moan as much as we want about the Rs 5 billion waste of space known as the Stadium, but it is in Moka, his constituency...and the people there love it, so fuck the rest of you! La mare cresson at Stade Georges V? Seen the election results? Admittedly, many of those who took large amounts of money just before Election Day in return for their votes are the same ones who love to shout "Racistes! Kominalistes!" My friend François Laviolette can give more details, I am sure...

So, you have made your bed and you can now lie in your own piss and shit for the next five years. We have decided to take a rest from all of this and leave the field open for the monosyllabic, deranged trolls that seem to have invaded everywhere, and we are more than happy to let a Lepep Kouyon believe all the Fake Shit that Gohin and Lee Shim will feed them. You deserve each other.

We will still keep an eye on things and will return at the first sign of any abuse of power, be it against journalists or against normal citizens.

We can only hope that Pravin Jugnauth will behave as the PM of all the people and not only of those who voted for him. Time will tell.

Dimanche 10 Novembre 2019

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