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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 5 Février 2020

" We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."--Aesop

Many of you may not be aware of Facebook's latest wheeze to deny people access to their own Facebook accounts. It goes like this: You log in and you receive a code to the phone you have been using for well over a year.

As soon as you have access to your account, Facebook tells you it is doing a "Security Check". It then gives you two phone numbers that you have not used for the last 3 years and tells you to type the code that it will send you to those obsolete numbers.

Worse, it does not give you any option to inform them that they are using the wrong phone numbers instead of sending the code to the number they have been using for well over a year. As you cannot type in the code, and Facebook never answers any queries, your account is now closed to you and blocked to every one else. Cunning, eh? 

If the above cowardly trick fails, Facebook has developed an even better way to block you. Remember how it urges us to "use two factor notification" and to give them your phone number for that precious code? Now, if it is bent on blocking you, it tells you it is sending you a code but then 'forgets' to do it. You then ask them to resend the code.

Nothing happens. You ask them to resend it and this time they tell you "Security alert! You are asking for the code too many times!" So, once again, you no longer have access to your Facebook page, primarily because Facebook either sends the code to the wrong phone numbers or does not send any code at all!

This highly devious and cowardly manner to block people's Facebook accounts has now happened to me. I have never been warned by Facebook that my posts "breach our community guidelines" or whatever stupid standard they choose to selectively impose on people.

Remember the significant number of Facebook accounts that had been blocked during the electoral campaign? Weird how they all belonged to people whose posts often criticise the government, and none that I know of belonging to the zombies pledging daily and monotonously about their support for "le jeune Pravin Jugnauth" and his gang of thieves....And as many posts are in creole, one wonders how Facebook knows to block those accounts without the help of friends of the government.

You won't see any of this in our 'free and independent press' despite the fact that our wonderful zourlanus often copy from my posts. 

In the meantime, the zombies can continue to post their fanatical religious nonsense and savour all the crime stories that our zourlanus love to tell us, especially those about jambes en l'air, etc. Facebook loves stuff like that, in particular ultra violent videos about domestic violence or videos depicting any violence.

I will continue to post as Paul Lismore here on Zinfos Moris, which thankfully has not succumbed yet to the virus afflicting the rest of the press of selecting only those attention seekers desperate to become "observateurs politiques/politologues, the wretched creatures I often refer to as gogotologues. 

Censorship is alive and well and Facebook,  once the force for good has become no more than an active ally of corrupt governments. Remember, our patriotes have been active in the National Assembly for only 3 hours in the last 4 months (excluding last Monday)...perhaps those serviteurs du pays wanted the time to get Facebook to block all those anti patriotes too keen to show how the thieves in nice suits are stealing vast amounts from you...

Mercredi 5 Février 2020

1.Posté par François Laviolette le 05/02/2020 20:48 (depuis mobile)
Happy to read your post again my friend Paul Lismore 💪👏👍

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