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[Paul Lismore] Domah has confirmed what many of us know: that we no longer have an independent judiciary...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 1 Août 2021

" There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest"..... Elie Wiesel

Whenever some zourlanus repeats the mantra that we have a 'free and independent' press, ask yourselves these questions:

1/ Commissions d'enquetes seem to have become a fashion accessory for our politicians, something to whip out every time someone questions our ridiculous right to be called an etat de droit. They have been instituted for all sorts of issues with the final report either kept securely in the PM's drawers a la Sampath or Choomka, etc or the results so predictable, so biased, and so useless that only idiots will see them as validation of our adherence to the Rule of Law principle....and are then nevertheless used to harass political opponents, even if once they were friends... 

So, how come not one zourlanus, not one journalist, not one politician has ever asked for a full and independent inquiry into the background of the dismantlement of BAI/Bramer, which constitutes one of the most heinous examples of theft in our history?

2/ The only person to have asked for a full Commission of Inquiry re BAI/Bramer is, of all people, Roshi Bhadain. In May 2017, at a press conference, he said "  Roshi Bhadain est également revenu sur l’affaire BAI lors de ce point de presse. L’ancien ministre de la Bonne gouvernance a indiqué qu’il envisage d’écrire au Premier ministre ainsi qu’à la présidente de la République pour réclamer une commission d’enquête sur toute l’affaire BAI. «Ine ariv ler pu lepep kone lavérité. Ki sanla ine pran décision pu ki zafer BAI éfondré ? Ki sanla kinn kraz BAI ?», a fait ressortir Roshi Bhadain.

Pravin Jugnauth is, by common consent, quite stupid, but he is not stupid enough to order a credible Commission of Inquiry into the biggest theft in our history, perpetrated by him, his father, Wilkinson the maha chor, Tekwa face Manraj, aka the only civil servant to have pleaded guilty to a charge of money laundering in the MCB/NPF pensions scandal and who had to return Rs 400,000 in return for no prosecution....

3/  95% of the newspaper articles on BAI/Bramer have been nothing but the vomit forced down the throats of willing zourlanus by corrupt politicians, and regurgitated at will by those who have enormous difficulty in removing their tongues from the arseholes of those politicians and the handful of rich people who control everything on this island.

4/ Have you noticed how no one mentions the favourite word of 2015-2016, "Ponzi", any more? Is this because people now feel guilty? or rather because they now know that the real facts give a completely different light than the fog of obfuscation and brainwashing that our serviteurs du pays were happy to shroud our 'free and independent' press with?

5/ A truly free and independent press would have bellowed the obvious question on many occasions:  " How can you hold a commission of inquiry without asking the main victim to depone?" Our wonderful press could and should have also asked this question: How can this be a truly independent inquiry which will explore the facts diligently if one of the three members of that Inquiry is the accuntant who not only received from us Rs 28 millions for a few weeks as 'Administrator' of BAI? Worse, he was the one who was dispatched to meet a demoralised Dawood Rawat on 2nd April 2015 and coerce him to sell all his assets worth billions of rupees for one fucking rupee, and was on the phone to Pravin Jugnauth when that exercise in blackmail was taking place? Convenient amnesia, my dear zourlanus? Bien bizin Sanatogen?  

Yes, Dawood Rawat did write to the Commission asking to depone. And you know what the tentative answer was from the wonderful Commission? " OK, but only in camera!" In other words, no one can see you or hear you talk about how the thieves and the accuntants stole everything from you, and how Britam was worth much much more than the poxy Rs 2.4 or 4.2 billions the arseholes keep mentioning.

So, you still believe that this "Commission D'enquete" has told you the truth about the sale of Britam? That despite the absence of any meaningful evidence, its sole intention was to make life difficult for an ex member of la cuisine and now its most vociferous opponent, Roshi Bhadain? That it was not a commission d'enquete but a pantomime show where the main victim, Dawood Rawat, was refused permission to say anything about the company that he owned, Britam, and its true value?

 If you believe that Domah and his 2 stooges have done a brilliant job, what can I say? Keep taking the tablets, and, who knows, one day your mind might open to the same extent that your arsehole does when you talk....

Dimanche 1 Août 2021

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