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[Paul Lismore] Do these people deserve these vast sums of money from us ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 15 Octobre 2021

Let me give you a few names and the lovely titles that precede their names, and you decide for yourselves whether these individuals really deserve the huge amounts of money and numerous privileges/entitlements/freebies we give them every month:

1/ Chief Judge: Rs 219,500 every month + Housing allowance of around Rs 25,000 every month + police bodyguard/chauffeur+ free limousine/petrol/ deklaration/lassirance, etc.

Has the court system improved at all since he became Chief Judge? Did it improve at all this century during the days of Pillay/ Sik Yuen/Matadeen/Balancy and since Caunhye took over? Yes, we have a lovely new Supreme Court building with personal, private bathrooms for judges, but has the administration of justice become better? All those mentioned draw a gorgeous pension (equal to their salary when working...) and many other privileges, all funded by Lepep Kouyon...

2/ Secretaire au Cabinet et Chef de la Fonction Publique: Rs 213, 250 plus all sorts of ludicrous entitlements and privileges. On top of that, his nephew Pravind Jugnauth has nominated him to the Boards of SBM (where he draws Rs millions), Air Mauritius (now predictably in the Intensive Care Unit) and any parastatal that shows any sign of life and with plenty of money. Yes, Nayen Kumar Ballah, cousin of Lady SAJ, lives up to the cynical definition of incest as something that is best kept within the family...

3/ (1)Rs 175,750 every month plus all sorts of "entitlements" to the Financial Secretary and the man with a finger in every pie going, Dev Manraj. He remains the only man to have been convicted after pleading guilty to money laundering in the MCB/National Pensions Fund maha theft of 2003... This of course makes him eminently suitable to be at the forefront of all our major financial bodies, despite having a face that makes Tekwas look at themselves in the mirror and shout " Eh! nou frere zimo sa!"...

   (II) Directeur Procurement Policy Office....The successful candidate's application to this very important government department has to be supported by BWSC, and any foreign organisations that love to grease the palm of our patriots....But Rs 175, 750 is obviously not enough, so one can understand why taking bribes seem to be so rife in that department.

4/ Rs 163,250 every month plus privileges.entitlements/limousines, bla bla bla for our lovely Commissaire Electoral, who has been in post for over two decades, but with hardly any improvement to show in our electoral system. He is said to like the menu of la cuisine, especially when prepared by the chefs of the Electoral Services Commission, but his face gives the impression that he prefers something less sleazy and insalubrious when looking at the missing names in the electoral register....

5/ The same huge amount of money is given to the police commissioner, also known as chef portier la cuisine, to act as the slave of the Prime Minister, and to never use his own initiative. During the last 2 decades, we have had Gopalsingh, Rampersad, Marionette Nobin, Servandersingh, and now Dip, seemingly scared to dip his toes into that thing called "constitutional independence of the police Commissioner". They have all given a new meaning to the word " subservience" and replaced it with a slavish obedience to whichever cunt we vote in as Prime Minister.

Ask yourselves this simple question: Is the state of law and order better now than in 2000? Do you feel safe when you leave your home or even when you are at home? Does it feel good when you give the sef gablou so much money and so many privileges for doing next to fuck all?

Pravind Jugnauth tells us that the PRB will not result in any more debts for the country. If you believe that, you will also believe that we have the most intelligent, clean, civilised politicians in the world, and that our Civil Service and the top people in them are paragons of selfless service for the inhabitants of this island.....

Vendredi 15 Octobre 2021

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