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[Paul Lismore] Dhanesswurnath Thakoor: CEO of FSC and the embodiment of all that is rotten and evil in hell island...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 27 Décembre 2021

I have written at length about that idiot and his predilection for appointing and promoting only those who describe themselves as Baboojis, although we all know that most of them got "promotion" through the nasty caste system simply by lying, deceiving, and cheating.

He is one of those who still believes that his shit and that of his deluded caste "brothers" smells of perfume, and that the shit of all of us heathens stink. That is the mentality of the idiot running the FSC not because he is a good manager, but simply because he loves playing with Padaleksi's balls, and has rapidly turned some female members of staff as little, proud, shameless, and extremely vain prostitutes who have been appointed and promoted simply to provide the corrupt bastards with a good time...

I bet none of you have heard of Mrs Brinda Harjan, simply because she is one of those gentle, inoffensive souls who does her work diligently, has enough maturity and intelligence to compensate for the distinct lack of it in so many members of staff at the FSC, never looks for favours from her seniors, and never adopts the customary horizontal position so beloved of a few shameless "women" for some really ugly bastard calling the shots at the FSC.

The information I shall now give you comes from the decent staff at the FSC who feel outraged and quite helpless at the way Thakoor/Padaleksi and their goons are running and destroying the FSC. Brinda Harjan joined the FSC in 2012 as Assistant Executive, and her high standards and exemplary performance ensured her rapid promotion to Senior Manager in 2018. She was elected the President of the FSC Staff Union for four years, and isappreciated by staff and FSC stakeholders. She has been commended by SADC and CISNA many times,as well as staff in the relevant ministries where she has interacted. 

Some of you may now be asking: What is CISNA? CISNA is the Committee of Insurance, Securities, and Non Banking Financial Authority, established in 1998 by the South African Development Community( SADC). Mrs Brinda Harjan was a member of the Governance Council of CISNA.

So far, so good. But Mrs Harjan made the fatal mistake, at least in the corrupt bastards' eye, of applying to become Secretary General of CISNA. Not only was she eminently qualified for the post, but she had also received positive recommendations from the financial regulators of various African Countries. So, it looked very likely that Mrs Brinda Harjan would be selected as Secretary General of CISNA, but only if she had been a citizen of a democratic country where meritocracy and the Rule of Law reigned....

And now that Mrs Harjan was likely to get the Secretary General's post at CISNA, what do you think the fanatical coward would do? Esp as some idiot called Mardaya at the Bank of Mauritius (another property of Padaleksi...) had decided that someone called Deerajen Ramasawmy should get that post, even though it seems that the CISNA governance council is resisting this...They apparently do not like Mardaya p fer mardaye pou Ramasawmy....

So, the fanatical arsehole decides to play what he believes to be his trump card: Put Mrs Harjan in front of a "Disciplinary" Commission for the most stupid, artificially created "offence" imaginable, and bingo! A Commission made up of chatwas found her guilty and sacked her! Which means the way is now clear for the Mardaya to continue his mardaye for Ramasawmy to get the CISNA job....

FSC, or Festival Soucerres Coronpi since Padaleksi and his chamchas took over, is probably now the most mismanaged institution in an island full of mismanaged institutions run by absolute idiots nominated by la cuisine. 

Finally, Mrs Harjan has had nothing but praise during her employment record, as evidenced by her consistently high ratings by all the Chief Executives at the FSC BH, including shit face Thakoor in the 2020 performance ratings; after all, you do not receive high performance bonus on an annual basis for not performing well, do you? Unless if you keep going Miaw Miaw like a demented cat on heat...

To lose her job and possibly her promotion at CISNA, all because of some mardayerre at the BoM and a cunt at the FSC want "nou dimoune" shows us the extent of our plunge into kleptocracy and corruption at its worst. 

Kot sa ban feministes samedi tanto la eter? Zot fesse ferme kan zot p tap zot chanpagne? Ban hypocrites ki tou le tan res trankil meme kan zom batar p klerman exploite ban fam inosan et p fer certain fam vine pitins pou gagne ene promotion ou ene nomination. Zot vreman degoutan!
The rest of you, if you have an ounce of decency in you, write to CISNA and tell them how the FSC has scuppered the chances of their best candidate.

As for Thakoor, Padaleksi, Mardayer, etc, mo vreman esperer ki ene gro pikan poisson tasse dan zot la gorz et zot kreve, ban LGLKZMM! 

p.s. For those who seem terribly obsessed with the so called "advantages" of being Vaish, Mrs Harjan is a Vaish....Possib sa ggt ki soi dizan reprezant Vaish pou al koz ar so le roi avek kouronne plastik, Pravind Jugnauth, et dimane li: To vreman Vaish, toi?

Lundi 27 Décembre 2021

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