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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 27 Février 2020

The so called father of criminology, Cesare Lombroso, opined in the 1870s that many individuals have an innate criminality that is so difficult for them to resist that committing crimes becomes second nature to them.

Lombroso made the amalgam between phrenology and physiognomy, and jumped to a conclusion that had some obvious racist overtones: that a person's personality and behaviour is based on his skull and facial features. He described rapists as people with "jug ears, sparkling eyes. swollen lips and eyelids, and distorted or squashed noses". 

As I said, Lombroso's theories do have racist connotations and were often used by racists for their own nasty purposes. But you know how sometimes something happens and you immediately think back on theories that are no longer 'fashionable' and, much against your better judgement, you say to yourself, "Perhaps he did have a point"?

I experienced this when I saw the photos of the two bastards involved in the rape of a 69 year old woman in Cap Malheureux. There cannot be many people who, when seeing the face of the rapist, did not exclaim:

" Ayo! Guet sa la guele la! Vreman ene figire violer, takerr ar li", followed by the inevitable advice on how best to punish him, freely given to us by so many on Facebook every time there is a horrendous crime: "Bizin pendi li! Bizin koup so zouti! Fer li ramasse savon dan prison! Koup li boutte par boutte! Koup ene la main et ene li pied! Koup tou les 2 lebra et tou les 2 lipied! Koup so likou! Bizin viole li!" (without offering themselves as the volunteer to exact that last punishment...).

You know the thing that really pissed me off, apart from the horrendous nature of the crime on a poor, defenceless lady? It is the complete lack of respect in the language used, the insensitive, nasty "tutoyer" which seems so common these days towards elderly people who deserve to be treated with a modicum of respect.

" «To dwa mwa enn kont. Mo pou regle sakont-la zordi. Depi lontan mo ti pe vey twa. Mo pou viol twa zordi ». You hear it all the time with young, lazy, good for nothing bastards demanding money with menaces from their elderly parents, with the all too frequent "Mo pou touy toi si to pa donne moi larzan!". Toi? Ene ti ggt kouma toi p tutoye to prop parents et menace zot? To la main pa bon pou travay, li bon zis pou pran kass to vier parents et met la drog dan to vilain la guele?"

It is a sign of the times, I am afraid. Nobody gives a fuck these days. What used to be unacceptable behaviour is now considered as 'normal' and met with a shrug of the shoulders...until it happens to one of yours and then you will scream "bizin pendi li!". 

The police does what it can most of the times. When the bastard is arrested, the chances are some oleaginous, mercenary zavoka will plead about his human rights and convince a useless magistrate to release him on bail so that he can continue to cause havoc until his case is heard in five years' time....

One of those political nominees, Phalraj Servansingh, of the so called "Independent" Police Complaints Commission has made a valid point, albeit a repetition of what I have been saying for years. This is what he told le defi: "   Il y a effectivement un mal-être au sein de notre force policière. On a environ 13000 policiers. Lorsque vous enlevez ceux affectés à la SMF et d’autres unités spéciales, que reste-t-il pour les postes de police ? Un exemple : l’autre jour, on a visité le poste de police d’Eau-Coulée. Savez-vous ce qu’une policière m’a dit ? Ses deux collègues de nuit étaient sortis pour répondre à une requête et elle était seule.... Cela peut paraître comique, mais la policière s’est enfermée à clé dans le poste, de peur qu’elle ne se fasse agresser. En tout et pour tout, il y avait trois policiers pour tout un quartier comprenant quelque 40 000 âmes."

3 police officers for 40,000 people? When we have over 13,000 police officers on the staff? Where are the rest of them?

Well, the needs of our serviteurs du pays come first, and the current and past ones need some 200 police officers to be with them 24 hours a day. We have over 1000 police officers doing press ups in the SMF, eagerly awaiting the day when the Seychelles will invade us so that their warrior skills can be put on display...We have a huge number on sick, or suspended, or working as unpaid labour for a private company known as Metro Express Ltd, or in the group for champion arse lickers known as VIPSU. And all led by the most incompetent and useless man on the Planet, Marionette Nobin. Are we really that surprised when we see the huge increase in crime in our island?

Let me finish by sticking the pic of the rapist now. If you have nightmares, thank your lucky stars that he is, at least for the time being, locked up....until our wonderful zavokas and magistrates decide to release him, parski ene bon piti sa..

Jeudi 27 Février 2020

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