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" The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!"----Tennessee Williams

The Oxford English Dictionary has just sent me this, and the lovely individual that personifies this gorgeous body compels me to share it with you...

Definition of a cholo, a real one:

1/ A cholo is an inveterate liar who is also a hypocrite. It is a term often used when describing any 'serviteur du pays', politician, zourlanus, or gogotologue when these people tell you that they love their country and invoke God as their witness who will confirm their innocence even when the blood is still fresh on their knives.

2/ A cholo is a zavoka who only ever goes to court when he sues the people he claims to represent and defend, i.e. Lepep Admirab, and often walks away with tens of millions of rupees either for himself or the corrupt organisation he represents. He has no known record of ever defending any accused. Our courts are simply another asset of his which he uses regularly in order to extort a fortune from us.

3/ A real cholo is someone who sues Lepep Admirab for Rs 100 millions because the poor bastard could not stuff his silly face with Xmas pudding as Missier Gablou wanted to have a few words with him. Rs 100 millions for spending 10 hours at Casernes sounds like nothing to a multi billionaire, non? Especially as the fortune the family has amassed comes from very dubious sources...

4/ A real cholo suffers from selective amnesia and will try to convince you that a lie is the truth, safe in the knowledge that the slavish nincompoops at the MBC will report it as fact, and that some people so bad that they cannot even be called 'zourlanus' will dutifully publish his lies as the truth.

5/ A real cholo is also a Bobok, in the same mould as Bobok Hureeram, who repeated the lie because he is either too stupid to know the difference between truth and lies, or he does not care. As long as Cholo number 1 gives him a ticket for the next elections, that is all that a cholo bobok is interested in.

6/ Real cholos are the staff in la cuisine from the Head Chef to the potato peeler who have not even one original, constructive idea amongst them but who survive on causing as much damage and havoc to the lives of those perceived by the cholos as their 'enemies'. And when you have an intellectual dwarf, Lady Macbeth,as leader of la cuisine, you can guess what sort of shit will flow out of la cuisine.

7/ A real cholo is a ti cretin who waxed lyrical about Ireko when he was minister of finance, and awarded the contract and millions of rupees to that construction firm ...and now does not know the difference between an old building made of timber and a leaky one made of cement. Such selective amnesia is the hallmark of a real cholo, a ti cretin, and a born liar.

8/ A real cholo breaks most of his promises and is too much of a ti cretin to understand why people now want to shove a big gulab jamun up his arse.

9/ A real cholo is one who celebrates religious festivals long after even God has moved on to the next festival....and who loves curtains so much that he really appreciates the cretins whose lifetime achievement consists entirely in draping a rido over his shoulders, and gratefully feeling the bosom of the cholo against theirs with the inevitable 'man hug' that follows such garish displays of arse licking in public.

10/ A real cholo, suffering from intense hypocrisy and shamelessness, will always delve in the nether regions of the selective amnesia that afflicts him permanently...and cannot remember how he, his pissing father, and the fake Ayatollah used to troop up to Dawood Rawat's house and beg for 'contributions'. A real cholo will ignore the fact that he, his father, and the idiot took tens of millions of rupees from the one they eventually stole everything from.

A real cholo/zavoka/ti cretin cannot understand how he has not returned the money that he claimed was 'criminal' and came from a Ponzi. A useless zavoka who does not know that handling stolen goods is a criminal offence, unless if the goods belonged to Dawood Rawat.. A real cholo who thinks that theft is legal only when the government says so...

A real cholo is someone so lacking in statesmanship, so devoid of the gravitas and nobility that are essential elements of the post he holds, so reminiscent of the garcon gatee syndrome that he cannot brook any criticism, so lacking in the thick skin that demarcates real statesmen from idiots who have obtained power by subterfuge, is such a proponent of Fake News that he considers only zourlanus cholos as real 'journalists' because they will treat all the fake news that he spouts as the Truth, and who regularly defiles the sanctity of religious festivals by behaving like an arsehole towards all those who cherish the sacred principle of freedom of expression...

A real cholo brings in an amendment in order to curtail our right to freedom of expression...and who hopes that the vacuum that this will create will be filled in with all sorts of fake news that flow straight from his office to the sewers that zourlanus feed from. The leaking National Assembly and how the fake news machinery has tried to turn this on Dawood Rawat is the first example of this. Watch out now for constant attacks on L'Express in the hope of frightening that paper and making it fall into line with the rags.

A real cholo will finance all sorts of online rags in order to act as a secondary sewer for his shit. And lepep Kouyon will fall for this because there are so many who unquestioningly believe everything that has been published by unprincipled arseholes.

In other words, a real cholo is a ti cretin who will do and say anything in order to stay in power and continue to bleed the country dry.

Jeudi 15 Novembre 2018

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