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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 9 Mars 2020

Gerard Cateaux is no more, and friends and strangers mourn his passing away. He was a real giant in a field of Lilliputians in our "free and independent" press.

One can always judge someone simply by looking at the company he keeps and his sense of loyalty to his friends. When the cruel storm created by this government over BAI/Bramer was raging at its worst, very few people sympathised with Dawood Rawat or even made any attempt to understand the real issues: that this was the bare faced theft of all the assets of one man and giving them away to friends and various soucerres at bargain basement prices.

And so many in Lepep Kouyon were quick to repeat the Ponzi nonsense being peddled by the gang of thieves in government, and their little pions in our newspapers.

Gerard Cateaux never once doubted his friend Dawood Rawat and made his views known in public. Unlike so many zourlanus and mercenary bastards masquerading as 'free and independent' writers....Anyone looking at the facts and not at the bilge poured incessantly via the MBC and many newspapers would have realised that this was no Ponzi at all but vindictiveness on a nasty scale never seen before in a so called etat de droit.

You have so called 'journalists' who spend their time pretending to be so caring and wonderful. But criticise any one of them and the journalistic mafia will immediately enter into Omerta mode and side with the mercenary bastards, giving their once noble profession such a bad name. Worse, they will form a mutual masturbation society where they rub each other and tell each other what wonderful people they are...

Gerard Cateaux would never be part of that group of loathsome individuals. He was a real man of principles, someone you would want to be in your corner when the storm is raging.
They don't make them like him any more.

Rest in peace, Gerard Cateaux. Your short passage on earth has been both illuminating and inspiring.

Lundi 9 Mars 2020

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