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[Paul Lismore] Congratulations to Lady Macbeth for being reappointed as DG of the MBC...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 27 Novembre 2020

Yes! As I have been warning you over several weeks, the "Commission d'enquete" on Anooj Ramsurrun's grotesque temper tantrum with a mobile phone will conclude that he should go back to his job as DG of that thing called the MBC. DG par interim, which I am sure makes him the longest nomination par interim of anyone in the world...

All staff at the MBC have to submit a certificat de moralite, but not our Anooj! His arrest for stealing whisky, and other misdemeanours like dodgy certificates for courses that were never followed, swapping free publicity at the MBC for free and very expensive air tickets and de luxe hotel stays for him and his family, etc etc are considered 'normal' in an institution where crimes and misdemeanours are apparently the norm for the zom pitins who are in charge of the MBC...

Anyway, Sovaz Anooj is back, and now the phone calls at 4 p.m. every day between him and Lady Macbeth can officially resume. They did not stop during his period of 'suspension', where his zom pitins did a sterling job in obeying every diktat of Madame Gro Marmite in charge of la cuisine, and making sure that the 'news' on MBC remain as soul destroyingly biased, useless, and amateurish as ever.....

So, your 7.30 p.m "Journal" will now be once again officially based on those daily phone calls, where intensely intellectual matters will be discussed, for example:

1/ Ena asser films lor Premier Ministre pou journal tanto? 
2/ Zot in film li p koup riban zordi? 
3/ Zot in film ban la p met ene lot rido lor so zepol?
4/ Fer sire ki so discour kot ban tchurel socio kiltirel passer pou o moin 15 mins! 
5/ Pa blier! Semaine prochaine, mo pou met mo zoli sari, alor fer sire ki cameraman film moi kan mo paret bien "Hindu'' et mo p fer lizier dou a mo mari!
6/ Pou dernier 5 mins dan info, kifer zot pa met sa film ki mo fek truver lor You Tube kot ene coq in monte lor ene poule? Popilation Moriste p baisser, alor dire ki si coq et poule p 'fer kominikation', nou tou bizin fer kominikation ensam pou ogmante nou lepep admirab. Azoute sa slogan la: " Arete trap katori! Trap to fam ou to mari plito pou lavenir nou pays!"

Ki to dire, Anooj?

Anooj, as usual, answers, " Oui madame! Ou meme mari dan sa pays la!".  
And the farce at our National TV station continues as before..

Vendredi 27 Novembre 2020

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