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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 5 Avril 2020

The vast majority of people are behaving like  normal, decent citizens and are dealing with this virus with an appreciable degree of stoicism and practical awareness.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has also brought our the worst in a substantial number of our citizens who see this mortal enemy as the ideal occasion to make the lives of many citizens as hard as possible.

Here is a list of those parasites who see any plight on humanity as either a golden occasion to enrich themselves by any means possible, or as manna from heaven which will prevent them from facing the inevitable day of reckoning for their lies and deceit.

1/ Top of the list of scoundrels has to be the little army of shopkeepers, supermarkets, and any retailing outfit, by charging people astronomical prices for stuff that was priced at least twice, three times, or even four times less a few weeks ago. One supermarket has been selling chouchou for Rs 175.00 a kilo, and I am sure others are also stamping their feet on the necks of consumers with similarly extortionate prices.

 Rs 175 for a kg of chouchou? Eoula! Bour chouchou la, preferably with pikan, dan ou sousou, do!

There have also been numerous cases of people having no choice but to buy items that are past their sell by date, because there is nothing else on the shelves...

2/ The good for nothing, absolutely useless individuals who will never do a day's work but who believe it is ok for them to go and steal the fruits of hard labour of our planters in the dark of the night, and to then sell them, again at extortionate prices.

I know some of you may whinge "dimoune mizer sa, ki zot pou fer?", and my answer to them is: I don't give a fuck. Only very few of these individuals are dimoune mizer and the vast majority of dimoune mizer would never think of sinking so low as to guzzle with abandon the sweat of others.

3/ The huge prices charged by vegetable sellers, shops, supermarkets after they have bought the items at a very reasonable price from planters. May you all shit non stop for a thousand days!

4/ The Consumer "Protection" people, the Monopolies Commission, the Food standard sipaki ggtri: I am sure these people have decided that coronavirus means assizer, gratte fesse ene la zournee.

We have a minister for commerce, Yogida la guele tonkin, who makes you wonder whether a demented, half brained donkey would not have done a better job than that hugely overpaid idiot. Zot lizier dan zot fesse, sa ban zoaves la?

Can't they see what everyone can see? that the huge mark up on prices  simply cannot be justified? What is the point in regulating the price of potatoes, onions, cigarettes, etc when you then allow the thieving bastards to charge whatever they want?

5/ Last but not least, our wonderful government which regained power through very dubious means. Coronavirus has been an absolute Godsend to them because the numerous petitions contesting the legality of those elections will now be delayed until God knows when....there will definitely be a new Chief Judge by the time these petitions are heard, and if he exhibits the same 'dynamism' as our current Chief Judge, then PJ will remain PM until 2024, easily....

So, what has been a burden to bear for huge numbers of us has been an absolute lottery win for all kinds of thieves. The ones making the most dirty profits are the sharp suits running and owning our supermarkets, but they will be safe, and nothing will happen to them.

Why? Donations politik, do! No one knows how many tens of millions of rupees they have put in the pockets of our wonderful politicians, and if there is one thing that our politicians have made their mantra, it is this: Never bite the hand that feeds you!

Now, if only coronavirus could be a bit more choosy and decides to land on the greedy mouths of all those bastards mentioned above....

Dimanche 5 Avril 2020

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