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[Paul Lismore] Bruneau Laurette has every right to form his own political party...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 8 Mars 2021

After all, why shouldn't he? Is it because he is a Creole and, rather sadly, we have not had so far a credible Creole leader who could lead and emancipate the most downtrodden section of our population?

Is a party led by Bruneau Laurette going to be worse than the traditional parties who have fucked up this island with their communalism, corruption, nepotism, and large scale thieving of public funds?

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! People complain about the 'dinosaurs' (and rightly so!); they hate the so called socio cultural leaders who are nothing but mercenaries willing to sell their religion to the highest bidder; they view with scorn and disgust sa ban ti graines ki pou soidizan 'gouverner autrement',  mai ki zis envi plak zot fesse dan ene limousine ki in asseter par lepep, et zouir tou kalite privilez indecents ki zot pran depi lepep; people say they want renewal, that things must change, that we cannot go on like this...But what happens when someone with the credibility of getting 100-150,000 people out on the streets wants to form his own party, you accuse him of  being a chatwa, a roder boutte?

I understand that many people get their kicks by coming on Facebook every day and writing (and often misspelling...) on as many pages as possible, " Chatwa!", or by competing with other like minded idiots to see who can write the most obscene words imaginable. Mai kan meme? Ki kalite gopia ki ekrir " So masque in tonber!" et koir ki li in kass ene gran pake kan li ekrir sa?

Let us get some facts first:

1/ No one since independence, apart from Bruneau Laurette, has managed to galvanise such huge numbers of Mauritians to protest against ene gouvernman bandit. And we have had quite a few gouvernman bandits since independence...

2/ Bruneau Laurette managed to do that on 2 separate occasions with the help of other groups, but the fact remains he was the star turn on both occasions.

3/ Creoles remain by far the most neglected and deprived section of our population. They register negatively on all data on social advancement, be it in education, work, access to proper housing, social status, and proportion of people incarcerated in prison.

4/ The PMSD and the MMM have at various times been in all governments from 1968 until 2016, and they are both closely identified with the Creole community. What exactly have those 2 parties done for that community? Yes, they have handpicked some Creole members for nominations, invariably close friends or relatives of the leaders and their junior ministers. But for the vast majority of Creoles? Next to nothing, I am afraid.

5/ Now that the MMM and PMSD have joined forces, a vacuum has been created, and you blame Bruneau Laurette for trying to fill that vacuum? Eoula!

6/ As Bruneau said in his press conference today, everything was going ok until after the last demo of 13th February, when Berenger came up with his brilliantly stupid idea of wanting to decide who can be the next PM now, and who can be the next 2 idiots to be nominated in those two non jobs created by him, President and Vice President of Mauritius... and which other friends need to be nominated in order to fuck up our para statals even more than they have already been. You call these the priorities of Lepep?

B ki zot envi Bruneau Laurette fer pou le res so la vi? Kontinier depense so lenerzi pou fer ene lepep bien letarzik bouze zot fesse et al marse dan Port Louis? Sa meme tou? 

As an intelligent man, albeit still a bit inexperienced in the very unusual way politics is done in Mauritius, he has noticed, as the rest of us have, that many people are not happy with the break up of the PTr/MMM/PMSD/Reform " Entente" because of Berenger's stupid ultimatum; he knows, as the rest of us do, that the Creoles who form the bedrock of support for both the MMM and the PMSD are not happy, as these 2 parties have been mortal enemies since 1969.

Crucially, Creoles know that neither of the two parties that are largely supported by the Creole community have done anything for them. You only need to look at the ghettos and the shanty towns around the island to understand how neglected they have been by the politicians supposedly representing them.

Let us not beat around the bush: By and large, malbars, laskars, sinoi have been well looked after by the PTr and to a lesser extent by the MSM. Mai kisanla ki in guete et protez linteret Creoles? Personne! Therefore, if Bruneau Laurette wants to present himself as the representative of the Creoles, kifer zot fesse fermal? 

Ban seki p plaigner, eski vreman zot p dire ki zis ene Blanc ki kapav reprezant Creoles? Ou zis ene milat? Kifer pa ene Creole? Et zot ena toupee akiz lezot de kominalisme/racisme sipaki ggtri? 

In fact, the emergence of a strong and credible Creole leader will make the other parties and the leaders remove the cobwebs that have smothered their thoughts for too long. When it comes to getting votes, they will even start thinking that Creoles are the nicest people on earth if Bruneau Laurette's party gains popularity...which it will, if he gets his tactics right.

If that is the only way to improve the living standards of our Creole community and afford them the equality of opportunity which the other communities enjoy and which the other parties have failed to provide them, then let Bruneau Laurette's new party flourish! 

In time, he and his new party can decide which major party leader is more likely to provide genuine help and opportunities to the Creoles. For now, let him build up his party. The Creoles deserve nothing less than a strong and credible leader after all the pseudos who have used them for their own benefit.

Lundi 8 Mars 2021

1.Posté par Rattan Chand le 09/03/2021 08:25
The oppressed and the downtrodden have no communities; they are just the"damnés de la terre", whoever and whichever party that cares to lift their boats out of their present quagmire and deprivation will have the support of all progressive BL should come out with a programme of reform of the economic and political system and join forces with the progressive movements for a new model of development -with such programmes and strategies that secure a more inclusive and resource-efficient economy and where the rising tide of economic growth lifts all boats.. not just the super yachts of the economic and political elite.....Together BL & the progressive forces can do it, it is an opportunity that we cannot afford to waste...

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