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[Paul Lismore] Breaking the law is illegal when commited by ordinary people or ministers

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 17 Janvier 2022

I often find it difficult to understand the logic underpinning the actions of many people. It gets much worse when anyone can detect an undercurrent of racism/communalism behind these actions. This subtle, and often quite blatant, appeal to the racism/communalism that Mauritians love to condemn in public but which unfortunately many tend to practise in private, is becoming more and more apparent lately.....

So, Jagutpal was dancing in a confined space and breaking the law because he was not at home, and more people legally allowed by his own laws were present when he was doing his Kookoorikoo. Scandalously, he has not even been questioned by the police. Does this mean that we should all do the same? or encourage others to do the same careless, unpatriotic thing? Eoula! Si kumsa, a nou guet ban lezot zafer ki politiciens fer, et dimane nou si nou oussi bizin fer parey, ou enkouraz lezot fer parey:
1/ Ministres kokin, et kokin par ta. Nou oussi nou koumans kokin alor? Et enkouraz tou zoranz, banane, koronsol fer parey?

2/ Ministres guet zis zot bann (pou ban ki reve kominalisme gra matin tanto, " nou bann" v dire ban chatwas ki suiv sa ban ministres la. Pena ene ferfoute a fer avek kominote, caste, ou sipaki ggtri. Alor, nou oussi nou fer parey? Et nou enkouraz dimoune guet zis pou zot et pou zot bann?

3/ Ministres trianger et pran tou seki zot kapav depi larzan piblik: al lor missions bidons et bez per diem par ta, pran limousine ek sofer gratis depi nou et en meme tan gagne loto seki zot envi duty free sak 4 ans, ki v dire dan sak manda parlman, tou ministres/depites en droit pran 2 loto duty free. Nou oussi nou fer parey? Nou trik sekirite social, biro pension, et fer tou kalite fraude nou oussi?

4/ Ministre Teefuck fer malelve en ba la tab et filme. Nou oussi nou pisse ar nou fam/mari et rant en ba la tab?

5/ Anooj the idiot servi loto assete avek nou larzan et amene so fam et tifi pom pom. C ki vreman ene fraude/crime. Nou oussi nou fer parey, et kom exkiz, dire, " Sa ggt Anooj la fer seki li envi, et personne pa discipline li. B nou oussi nou fer parey?"
6/ Fuck family values! A nou met nou savate Dodo et fer kouma Padaleksi et ramasse ban ti pitins? Si Pada fer li, kifer nou non? 

There are many more examples which I am sure you can think of yourselves. B kot nou p aller dan sa ggt pays la? Akoz nou ena ene la force policiere et ene ICAC pourri led by some corrupt, lazy bastards ki guet ene sel kote kan pou arete dimoune, does that give us the right to commit crime and then to foolishly expect the police/the courts to do nothing?

You don't need to be a non Hindu to know that Jagutpal is a prized idiot; you don't need to be a non Muslim to understand that Soodhun is a nincompoop; you don't need to be a non Creole to understand that Lesjongard lives up to the latete bibit that adorns his shoulders. Anyone with an ounce of common sense and with a good bullshit detector radar can see these specimens for what they are: bullshitting idiots causing enormous harm to the island.

It therefore pains me to see that Bruneau Laurette appears not to have cured himself of the terrible anti malbar hang up that he seems to carry everywhere; almost every utterance of his has either a subliminal or a barely concealed attack on those who call themselves Hindus, and an almost fanatical appeal to those he would like all of us to see as victims. I have yet to see him urge the young of that community to do well at school (as many do) as that is the gateway to a decent life as an adult, and to stop wallowing in the self defeating sense of victimhood...or to lead a campaign to promote sex education in secondary schools, as there are far too many teenage pregnancies. No, he wants to nurture an electorate for his own benefit by feeding their grievances and perpetuating their roles as victims.

And by doing so, he is helping Pravind Jugnauth in his desire to alienate communities from each other, for electoral purposes.

As for Rama Valayden, what can I say? The man evokes admiration and despair in equal amounts. I think he still believes he is the spiritual son of Gaetan Duval, and therefore thinks that any controversial cause is there waiting for him to lead...I have news for him: Gaetan Duval was unique, and no one can replace him. And he should know that most people prefer the original to fake copies...

I hope that the " si la police pa aret ministres la, moi oussi mo pou fer parey" mentality is a temporary aberration by people who should know better. Poire, Limon and the other dancers have certainly created a much better impression on me than those giving the impression that it is ok to behave like they did. 

The ones who will end up with a certificate of morality that shows law breaking will not be those who are giving the impression that they did well.

Lundi 17 Janvier 2022

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