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[Paul Lismore] Boolell is completely wrong and ill advised to proffer excuses to an uncouth bully

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 4 Avril 2021

[Paul Lismore] Boolell is completely wrong and ill advised to proffer excuses to an uncouth bully
I never thought I would say this, but well done to Berenger and Bhagwan! " Paul Bérenger et Rajesh Bhagwan du MMM, ont fait part de leurs intentions de ne pas se plier à la requête de Sooroojdev Phokeer. "Pas d'excuses, j'en fais une question de principes et de morale"."

The whole thing is quite obscene. How can it be right for the victims to ask for forgiveness to the bastard who repeatedly bullies them?

Whose bright idea was it to ban 3 elected representatives of the people (incidentally 3 who comfortably topped the list in their constituencies...) not for one or two sessions, but for every session until the next general elections? I bet you it emanated from the febrile brains of those 2 fake revolutionaries, erstwhile "Soldat Lalit Militant" who managed to masquerade the fact that they were 2 natural born corrupt little toerags: Ganoo le gogot and Steve Obeedoobeedoo.

I still cringe from the trauma of watching grown women almost having an orgasm online zis akoz Obeedoobeedoo soi dizan koz zoli francais. Eoula! How shallow can one be? Can't you get your kicks like the rest of us used to from listening to " Je t'aime, moi non plus", and Serge telling Jane, " Je vais et je viens entre tes reins"? 

But seriously! These people have the nerve to call themselves 'democrats' and 'patriots'? What sort of democracy is this where the will of the people as expressed by an average of 50% of the electorate in Constituencies 18, 19, and 20 is thwarted by a fat lump who has been imposed on us, and supported by fanatical oiks on the government side who do not have the first clue about democracy? Do they even know the meaning of the word 'democracy'? They obviously know nothing about "accountability", "good governance", or "natural justice." But they have become experts in keeping their filthy paws in our pockets, and to then have the audacity to tell us that they are servi nou...

Boolell apologising to that fat, useless, ill mannered lump is akin to a rape victim telling the rapist: "Sorry, mo pa koner kifer ou exciter kumsa kan ou truv moi, et ou perdi control et ou vine ene zanimo. Mo faute sa! Pardonne moi!". Does Boolell really think that his 'excuses' will somehow place the fat ogre on the Road to Repentance? That somehow, everything will be fine with a "sorry, mo pa ti bizin dire sa", when what he did say was the truth, that we have a criminally biased Speaker?

What exactly will Boolell apologise for? For telling a bully to show fair play and that thing he has never heard of and which is called "parliamentary democracy"? Apologise to the House? A House filled mostly with thugs and thieves and zombies with no brains who want to spend the next 4 years making the money which their lack of skills would have never given them in normal life? How can you apologise to a house of slaves where the brain dead spend their time thumping the desk and hope that 'le jeune, dynamique, et bien kouyon' Pravind Kumar Jugnauth will notice their pathetic faces?

If Arvind apologises, he hopefully will remember that he is apologising to the one who is "The Leader of the House", and which happens to be le ti cretin. Is this what he really wants to do? What happens if the bastards, i.e. the fat bully, le ti cretin, and the Homeless evictor reply that the "apology is not genuine and therefore cannot be accepted", and the suspension remains in force? What does Boolell do then? Go on his knees and beg for mercy?

I wrote a post 5 days ago (I'll include it in the Comments section..) where I suggested only 3 possible courses of action for Boolell, Berenger, and Bhagwan.

1/ They should immediately present a case to the Supreme Court, for no other reason than to see the maniac Phokeer murder the English language in front of their Lordships. 2/ All 3 to resign their seats and to make the Speaker the central theme of their by-election campaigns. All 3 will win handsomely, with huge majorities, and that in itself will show the fat oik that, unlike him, they have the support of the people. 3/ Apologise, but only people with no dignity will do that. How can they apologise to a House made up of the most vile, thieving people on the island, led by a Prime Minister who is a billionaire despite not having done a day's proper work in his life, and a weird thicko as Speaker?   

As far as I am concerned, option 3 is totally out of the question, because a/ you demean yourself by doing so and b/ Neither the bully nor the Honourable Oiks will change their ways. In fact, I believe things will get worse, because the bullies will believe they must be behaving properly as the victims have apologised.

Yes, our Court system is terribly inadequate, but it has always been like this. Politicians waste our time by licking the arses of the judge and constantly telling us that we have an 'independent judiciary', when the reality is otherwise. Let us hope that the next government will pass laws that will make the judiciary accountable and truly independent instead of being as inefficient as most other service providers. Have you heard any of our politicians forcefully complain about the eternity it is taking our 'independent' judiciary to rule on the electoral petitions?

So, go to the Supreme Court and make as much noise as you can about the length of time it takes for the Chief Judge to decide on urgent constitutional matters. And resign and make the Speaker the centrepiece of your by election campaign!

Saying sorry to your bully is the act of a coward who hopes the bully will like him but which will end in the bully hating him even more because of his cowardly excuse.

Dimanche 4 Avril 2021

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bon j attend que pierrot dupuy passe cet artickle en francais sur zinfo974

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bon j attend que pierrot dupuy passe cet artickle en francais sur zinfo974 !

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