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[Paul Lismore] Black skin, White masks...Independence : replacing white rule by black and brown wannabes...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 12 Mars 2022

Today, many of us will "celebrate" our "independence". But what has really changed since independence? Here are a few facts:

1/ The descendants of our colonial masters still own most of the land. Their power remains the same since before independence and now they don't even have to pay any taxes on the sale of land for "development", i.e. for concreting over the beautiful landscape of our country. Capital Gains Tax has been reduced to almost nil, which has saved the richest an absolute fortune since Rama Sithanen, a darling of our press, proved to us what a mediocre economist he really is...

2/ They have swiftly moved away from Curepipe and have now turned the West Coast into an enclave for the rich and the well off, where non white faces are gawped at with suspicion and paranoia...Fed of course with the apartheid prejudices of the substantial numbers of Afrikaners and fans of Le Pen who have moved here...

3/ The whites are still in power, but clever enough to pull the strings from a safe distance, so that their presence goes unnoticed. Amazing how Whites are never accused of theft, of fraud, of money laundering, of a large variety of crimes that seem to be committed only by non whites...All except poor Bernard Maigrot, being accused of murder 20 years ago and still waiting for that case to be resolved...


1/ Their only ambition seems to be to exploit the resources of the state to enrich themselves. All the way since 1968, look at the peasants who have joined politics and who have magically become multimillionaires as a result....

2/ Even when they cannot rob us directly, they have devised devilish means to make us support them financially and maintain their luxurious lifestyle ziska zot kreve...So many laws have been passed by the "Patriots" to ensure that politicians who have served twice in the National Assembly will get a pension for life, even if the wretched bastard is not elected again after he/she turns 30. BTW, "serving twice" means that all those elected in 1982 and were again elected in 1983, but failed to get elected in 1987 get a full pension even if no one ever votes for them again. Not bad for less than 5 years' "work", eh?

3/ We are all aware that the pay, or "emoluments" as the thieving bastards call it, for our Presidents and Vice Presidents are morally wrong and quite criminal...especially as it was also decided that these fuckers with nice smelling shit will never pay income tax until the day they die. Do the maths: An ex president currently receives at least Rs 250,000 every month tax free for life, 24 hour police guard for life even if no one recognises most of them, a typist/secretary for life even if some of them can't string two words together, a brand new limousine every 4 years with police chauffeur, free petrol, free deklaration, free everything siouplai, etc etc. Makes you wonder whether they charge us for blessing our sewerage system with their shits, non?

4/ We don't know how much ex Prime ministers, ex Deputy/Vice PMs, ex ministers, ex Speakers, ex ninporte ki ggt patriote, take from us as pension every month, and what other allowances/entitlements they get. We don't know because they won't fucking tell us!

5/ We do know however that they barter our State Lands and make enormous profits for themselves from the juiciest portions. We live in an insane country where the land that we own is leased off for a small sum, and that lease can then be sold overnight for tens of millions of rupees, and the money all going into the politician's friend/stooge/s pockets...We also know that they are corrupt to fuck and get enormous commissions for contracts tailor made for thieves.

Yes, we have replaced White power with non black power, and whose representatives behave as if zot la po fesse blanc. Our non white leaders harbour more prejudices and hatred for lepep kouyon than the White masters ever did. But they know how to bribe a lepep kouyon with a greasy Kentucky and a bottle of rhum, and then go away laughing, saying to themselves, "Truver kouma facile pou kouyonne sa ban la?"

Finally, many people are writing the seemingly obligatory RIP because ex President Karl Offmann has died. I feel sorry for his family and their loss. But I can't be the only one who said with a sigh of relief after hearing the news and the numerous hyperbolic speeches about the departed: "Ouf, Lepep pa pou bizin depense o moin Rs 5 millions par an lor li aster". 

You see, the whole thing about the "republic" is simply this: nothing has changed apart from appointing the friends of whoever is Prime Minister as our President and Vice President, give them huge amounts of our money tax free until the day they die. We still curse beneath our breath when their gablous stop all traffic in order for the idiot to travel fast to where he/she is going to do fuck all, and all for what?
 Offmann "served" as President for under 20 months but received a rollover jackpot lottery ticket every year until the day he died....Rest in Peace. Happy "Independence" day!

Samedi 12 Mars 2022

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