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[Paul Lismore] Bhai Looke Alert ! The peeping Toms are at it again!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 26 Mai 2022

Either someone at Facebook is behaving like a real bitch again...or Dick the Prick and his band of gargoyles at ICTA are up to their silly old games again. Or maybe Lady Macbeth p bez koute kalchoul dan la kwizinn et p krier, " Zot nepli mo chatwas aster? Kifer zot p laisse sa ggt la sikane moi tou les zours?"

Many of you are complaining that you no longer see my posts on your timeline. To make matters worse, I, myself, am not receiving any notifications for my own posts! And my Messenger seems to be suffering from terminal constipation and takes ages before my messages get through.

I do however receive notifications about all sorts of copy/ pastes, or of those horrendous video nasties of people yapping on and on for hours, and who believe that people have nothing better to do with their lives than to watch some arsehole repeating what others have said on many occasions before...Or, even worse, I receive notifications on many Facebook pages where the same news items/videos are copy pasted by different individuals who seem condemned to take part and lose in the race for as many 'like' as they can get...

So, if you want to read my posts, it is really up to you to click on my page directly, on this link: . I usually write one post every day, except on days when the "patriotes" have annoyed me so much with their demaggtri that if I write, it will be a long stream of swear words and insults that the "patriotes" fully deserve....

But please don't expect Facebook to put my posts on your timeline. Dick the Prick and his Peeping Toms at ICTA, and various chatwas seem to be working overtime to slow things down.  Unfortunately, we live in a so-called democracy where only bhai lookhes, chatwas, brain dead individuals with long tongues, and absolute idiots are nominated by someone who has been accurately described as a ti cretin...and who have turned all our institutions into low class brothels where gossip and women with loose knickers flourish, and who are in the process of bankrupting our country.

Jeudi 26 Mai 2022

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