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[Paul Lismore] Berenger's weak counterattack means that Pravind Jugnauth has won this first round of muck spreading...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 26 Juin 2020

" The essence of a culture of honor is that it does not sanction predatory or instrumental violence, but only retaliation after an insult or other mistreatment.”---Steven Pinker.

We all expected something stronger from Berenger when, out of the blue, he was placed in the middle of the St Louis bribery allegations by a Pravind Jugnauth clearly delighted that today we will all be talking about the man who has been telling us for decades that " so la main prop".

Ask around and you will see that Ivan Collendavelloo's resignation was a foregone conclusion once Arvind Boolell had performed an excellent hatchet job on him.

The zombies on the government bench programmed to thump their desk every time one of their leaders even fart should look very stupid today, following their thunderous applause every time Ivan finished a sentence in his self laudatory speech about his role in St Louis Gate.

Oh how much harder the cleaners had to work to remove the juices that flowed torrentially when the little man told them about his 'international reputation'....The rest of us knew that he was a bullshitter and that it was only a matter of time before the axe was wielded and he was out of the cabinet.

Anyway, today, the conversation seems to be almost exclusively about Berenger's name being mentioned. Could the man with la main prop really have such dirty hands?

If it is true, then it would be the first time in our history that a leader of the opposition would have had such an intimate knowledge of a particular tender that a company bidding for it would bribe him, instead of doing the logical thing and bribing the members of the government who would have a direct influence on the outcome of the tendering process.

Yes, we all know about the "independence" of the Central Tender Board or of the "Independent Review Panel", but we also know that the grubby, thieving hands of politicians esp in government have sullied the word 'independence so much that only idiots now believe in the 'independence' of our institutions....

So, at first glance, there are many things that would exculpate Berenger, and make it highly unlikely that his hands would have been in this particular cookie jar:

1/ He was the leader of the opposition and not the minister concerned or the Prime Minister at the material time, and therefore his role in the tendering process would have been negligible, if that.

2/ He has maintained a reputation of 'la main prop' long before the many trolls employed by the Sun Trust manifested their noxious presence online.

3/ He has been asking for a Commission of Inquiry into St Louis Gate since 2015, and he would have to be the most stupid thief on earth for asking an investigation into something that was likely to prove his la main sale, if indeed he had been dirty in this.

4/ He is still asking for a full Commission of Inquiry, unlike the minister concerned or the Prime Minister who adamantly refuse to hold one, and instead prefer the matter to be dealt with by a corrupt, useless, and incredibly incompetent ICAC. As they say, if you want to hide your sins, ask ICAC to investigate....

5/ It is beyond belief that neither the Prime Minister nor the ex minister, nor the entire cabinet, nor the gang of useless jasoos known as the NSS, nor the army of ti macros at the beck and call of the PM were not aware of the BWSC investigation until a few weeks ago. To his credit, Berenger had been asking for a Commission of Inquiry even before BWSC had thought of an investigation...

The things that go against Berenger are:

1/ His lack of passion and his near complacent attitude during his press conference yesterday. 2/ Where was his sense of outrage and the "mo bien amerder" we have been hearing for many decades? 3/ This is the first time that his name has been linked to a major corruption scandal (we will forget about the sale of MT for the time being...) and his reaction and words yesterday were woefully inadequate. Worse, the words were not followed by any action that would show us his real sense of outrage and anger.

Now, we know that in our etat de droit, it is only politicians and zavokas who regularly praise our lamentable court system and procedures, whilst the rest of us pull our hair in frustration at the incompetence, greed, and laziness of so many in the legal industry.

But there is one element of the court system that seems to accept any writ, however stupid and far fetched, from our politicians especially: a libel writ for hundreds of millions of rupees to 'salvage' the reputation of someone who we all know to be a thief. Fair play to Berenger and Ramgoolam, who I believe have never resorted to such stupid games. On the other hand, Pravind Jugnauth is a big fan of libel writs, and often sues people for tens of millions of rupees...

I am afraid Berenger's expression of mepris or degout is simply not good enough. We have come to expect so much more from him. By giving such a tepid performance at his press conference yesterday, he has made what he accused Pravin Jugnauth of doing, of zet la bou, to become real...

His expression of mepris and degout will carry far more weight if he now breaks the habit of a lifetime and decides to sue Pravind Jugnauth and Ivan Collendavelloo for libel. Remember, all that they have is a copy of a letter which they claim mentions Berenger's name, but which they will not make public....He only has to ask for damages of one rupee in the hope of getting a quick trial for the truth to come out, and hopefully the Chief Judge will see it as a matter of such national importance that he would want the case to be heard asap.

Berenger would then be perfectly entitled to ask for copies of the BAD report that Pravind Jugnauth claims to have...and to ask for full copies of the BWSC investigation and the full report from BAD. He and Lepep will then know the full truth about this terrible tale of corruption and thieving by our serviteurs du pays.

But if he does nothing except express his outrage and mepris at his weekly press conferences, then I am afraid Pravind Jugnauth would have won this particular round with an excellent zet la bou exercise. On the other hand, if Berenger decides to go on the offensive and sue those two for sullying his name without any proof, then the collective arseholes of the cabinet will really start to twitch very nervously.

Up to Berenger now. He must surely know that a lifetime's work could now be submerged in this torrent of mud....if he does nothing.

Vendredi 26 Juin 2020

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