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[Paul Lismore] Badhain and the Avengers should support and defend the MBC journalist being mercilessly bullied by Anooj the idiot

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 12 Juillet 2021

You must all remember the video outside Moka Magistrates Court where Roshi Bhadain did one of the few things that I admired in our politicians: having a go at a hapless MBC journalist for filming everyday but then showing nothing in the evening programme that the MBC laughably calls "Le Journal".

Of course, we all know that it is not the journalist's fault that "Le journal" has now become filthier than a prostitute's little book of gentlemen who want to discuss the finer points in life with her...Everyone knows that the chief prostitute in that brothel known as the MBC is the CEO's post at the top of the pile, currently occupied by the dwarf known as Anooj the idiot. The mere fact that an uneducated, uncouth, aggressive little runt with no certificate of morality like Anooj the idiot can become the main man at our "National" TV station tells you how low standards in public life have fallen. 

Fair play to the journalist who refused to obey Anooj the idiot's instructions that he should make an official complaint about Roshi Bhadain for his perfectly understandable outburst outside Moka Magistrates Court. As the journalist said, and I am paraphrasing here, " Si Bhadain p zour toi, kifer moi ki bizin met conplainte?"

When Bhadain was minister, guess who used to rush to open the door whenever he came to the MBC? Anooj the idiot! Bhadain apparently once told him, " Mo ena bodyguard pou fer sa. Pa ou travay sa, ouver la porte!". Guess what the ace arse licker replied? " mais non ministe, un plaisir mo faire sa pu ou... Pravind ena grand confiance dan ou... ou koner, Pravind ek moi nu bien proche..." Ok people, please resist the temptation to be violently sick after you read that...

To cut a long story short, the victimised journalist received a letter last week from that thing called HR, which at the MBC ought to be renamed PR, because everything seem to enter per rectum there...The letter informed the journalist that he was not following social distancing rules, which is a bit like telling one sardine in a tin of sardine that it is too close to the others! At the MBC, they all sit next to each other due to shortage of space anyway! 

This was then followed by a letter of protest signed by 40 journalists, quite a rare thing at an institution where arselickers form the majority. What did Anooj the idiot do? He warned the journalist that he must not forget that he is "Freelance" and that "sa p al dan to dossier!". New journalists were being recruited and it looks like Anooj the idiot's victim is being once again not just victimised, but also transferred to the Radio side...

Remember I told you how Anooj the idiot likes to boast about the phone calls from Pravind Jugnauth, from Lady Macbeth, from the fat, useless oaf known as Rudy Veeramundur of something called GIS, from the marginally less useless Ken Arianus? Well, he loves putting those calls on loudspeaker so that they can all hear how "well connected" he is...Worse, he has one of his zom pitin called Sailesh recording the calls on behalf of Anooj the idiot. If that is not in breach of the Official Secrets Act, I don't know what is....

La Redaction at MBC has sent a letter of complaint about Anooj the idiot to the PMO today. If Pravind Jugnauth had any sense and intelligence, he would sack the wretched dwarf on the spot. Not to do so is merely inviting more trouble in the future...

Finally, should you happen to see a white Kia Picanto 3286 (July 2020), it was of course bought with your monthly redevance to the MBC. Every morning at 7.30 am, it is driven to Anooj the idiot's residence at St Paul in order to pick up his wife and daughter and drive them to Port Louis. The car then sits idle at the MBC until 3.30 pm when the zom pitin goes to pick wife and daughter and bring them back.

There is another Kia Picanto 3279 (July 2020), again bought with YOUR money, but for apparently the exclusive use of the idiot and his favourite zom pitin.

Now, the PMO cannot claim ignorance of these facts. But as usual, it won't do anything because it is populated by quite stupid zombies. So, Roshi Bhadain and the Avengers, how about a private prosecution under the MBC Act, POCA, IBA, etc. ??

Don't you think it is time to match your over long and sometimes tedious videos with actions that will make the bastards start shitting their pants? Or are you the same as our opposition with stupid videos/press conferences and nothing else?

Go for it, Roshi! The integrity and loyalty of the victimised MBC journalist demands nothing less than direct action from you and your colleagues....and more publicity about the Loka known as the MBC and its chief macro, Anooj the idiot.

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Lundi 12 Juillet 2021

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