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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 23 Mai 2019

" Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country."-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

I have watched several times the truly insane, lying, and extremely biased behaviour of the Speaker at the National Assembly yesterday. And each time, the stench of dictatorship, of cluelessness, callowness, and perversion of our putative democracy wafted through the proceedings. Let me dissect the scandalous performance of someone who is Speaker in name only, and who could never aspire to even come close to the feet of Sir Harilal Vaghjee in terms of presence, authority, fairness, and unflinching impartiality.

1/ Maya just does not know the difference between a point of order and a point of clarification, or pretends that she does not. Anil Gayan clearly asked for a point of order, and under these circumstances, Gayan should have mentioned which Standing order or practice he considers to have been breached. But it is the responsibility of the Speaker to determine its merits and to resolve the issue constructively.

What did Maya do? As soon as Gayan mentioned 'Point of Order', he stood up and without any further explanation, the Speaker stopped Shakeel Mohamed's speech and allowed Gayan to interrupt with his as yet unexplained 'Point of Order'...

2/ And it gets worse, at least with regards to the Speaker's already lamentably poor reputation: When Shakeel Mohamed complains that it is not a Point of Order, what does Maya do? She said " No, he said Point of Clarification"(Which Anil Gayan never did...), and the TV cameras provide visible proof that this was either a lie or just plain stupidity. In any case, a point of clarification could have been easily dealt with by the Speaker allowing Anil Gayan an opportunity to 'clarify' AFTER Shakeel Mohamed's speech. A decent, unbiased, professional Speaker would have done that..

3/ When Shakeel Mohamed stated that Maya was 'siding with' Gayan, there cannot have been many onlookers who could argue with that observation. But Maya wanted him to do a bit of coitus interruptus and "withdraw", as a precursor to the inevitable point of no return, "I order you out"....4 words which unfortunately will form the most befitting epitaph for our quite incompetent Speaker.

4/ To compound matters, she then behaved like a harsh schoolmistress in the days of corporal punishment " Should I take sanctions? Yes?", which is the equivalent of someone telling a child " to envi ene kalotte?", as if the answer will be yes, please...

The most scandalous, truly horrific aspect of this sorry saga is the Poison Dwarf acting as Prime Minister deciding that suspension for one sitting is not good enough, and that Shakeel Mohamed should be suspended for a further three sittings.

Am I the only one who believes that all this had been carefully rehearsed behind closed doors in the short interval of time between Shakeel Mohamed's dismissal and parliament sitting again? Of course, Ivan knew very well that the zombies behind him would vote 'yes', which in effect means (and I am sure they were well aware of this) that the Budget speech and all the subsequent discussions will be then held in Shakeel Mohamed's absence.

That was the behaviour of spineless, undemocratic people, and in Ivan's case, that of having the willies as he seems particularly fond of his own...

So, what can the opposition do when faced with a large majority of zombies who seem so cowardly and stupid that they would be willing to vote for the death penalty of their own mothers if the PM asks them to?

They can continue to participate in the Tuesday sessions of hogwash, hokum, baloney, and absurdity of our National Assembly and be steamrollered by a majority led too often by the person supposed to conduct proceedings impartially and fairly. They can do that if they enjoy being masochists.

Or they could watch the burlesque show in the comfort of their party headquarters, throw toilet paper at the TV screens, scream abuse, and not having to listen to the repetitive, ultra boring , non stop whining of " I am on my feet", " You must not do it in a sitting position" (an encouragement to indulge in knee tremblers perhaps?), " I have made my ruling", "Honourable Jhugroo, Rutnah, E.T., etc, I have warned you twice now" (but never apparently enough to kick them out....).

They could use their Tuesdays more productively by planning how to get rid of our most incompetent and corrupt government ever.

And they should attend the National Assembly only when this dictatorial government tries to bring in another authoritarian measure through the back door, and needs a 2/3 majority. Otherwise, use your time wisely and mix with the people whose votes you need.

Attending the National Assembly is showing respect to a moribund place that has no respect for you, for the people, or for the democratic principles that supposedly underpin our Constitution.

It is now a closed shop, almost a masonic lodge where the only interests that matter are those of the majority party, and its financial backers, with a biased referee in permanent attendance.

It is time for the opposition to stop doing this!

Jeudi 23 Mai 2019

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