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[Paul Lismore] At last! A press conference where the press stood up to a monstrous liar

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 8 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] At last! A press conference where the press stood up to a monstrous liar
Most of us have been driven to near suicide with the avalanche of press conferences over many years where zourlanus sit down like five year old kids on their first day at school scared of shitting themselves at the thought of asking any questions. So, let me bow down to the journalists who today showed their dignity and professionalism by asking pertinent questions, instead of simply accepting the nonsense being spouted by an idiot.

I am of course referring to the press conference today of Maneesh Gobin, our so-called Attorney General who simply does not understand his role as the INDEPENDENT legal advisor to the government. The bastards have corrupted all our institutions with nominations that owe far more to the length of the tongue of the successful nominee than to any signs of competence, integrity, and sense of honour. Unfortunately, our current Attorney General falls entirely into that shameful category, especially with a face that does uncannily resemble a vier sousoute...

For once, we have seen our journalists accusing the idiot of being a liar, of being incompetent, of being shameless, and all done with grace and dignity because despite the huge temptation, they never actually called him a liar, or an incompetent, shameless oik. I, for one, feel relieved that at last, our free and independent press is showing the freedom and independence of thought that should characterise every press that calls itself free and independent.

Their questions showed one thing which every sane individual has known for a long time: that the current Attorney General is insufferably arrogant, vain, stupid, condescending, and with a pompous attitude that sticks to him in the manner that shit sticks to our underpants apre ene gro carri gro poi....Mille foi Ravi Yerrigrodoudou ki ti sitan kouyon ki zot fek nomme li kom consultant a State Bank, in the tradition of nominating all sorts of idiots to fuck up our institutions even more than they have already been fucked up...

I suppose the only person who would be happy with Gobin's own goals today is Pi Ke: we can visualise him baring his teeth and saying, " Ein, zot ti koir ki mo kouyon! Gobin in montre zot ki ena pli kouyon ki moi dan sa gouvernman la! Evidaman, et bien sure, mo pa pou nomme ban lezot kouyons la!"

Finally, if you get the chance, read the Facebook post of Nawaz Noorbux on Franklin (in the first comment in my FB post). I have often criticised and mocked him. But his post shows that he deserves the title of "Saheb", same as all the journalists who gave that idiot a torrid time in today's press conference. Real Sahebs, unlike the "Honourable" bastards the idiots keep voting into power...
Well done, journalists!

Mercredi 8 Février 2023

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