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[Paul Lismore] At last ! The Bar Council standing up for our Etat de droit !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 29 Avril 2022

Following the disgraceful and wanton acts of brutality against the Chairman of the Bar Council a few days ago, when gablous said that "zot ferfoute avek lordre la cour", and a clearly deranged La Kwizinn deciding to piss on an injunction from the Supreme Court, I have just heard the news that 

"  Le Bar Council vote pour une déclaration de ‘guerre’ contre la dictature. Les avocats présents ont voté à l'unanimité pour une marche de protestation de la Cour suprême jusqu’aux Casernes centrales le vendredi 6 mai prochain. Ils ont aussi voté pour une journée entière de protestation."

Now, no one can say that I am overly fond of our "Learned Friends" or of "Their Honour", or of a justice system in terrible shape with no leadership whatsoever from the Chief Judge, the DPP, the SLO, or the idiot pretending to be Attorney General of these islands....but credit where it is due. The Bar council has done the only thing that it could possibly have done, and that is to tell those highly paid idiots determined to turn our democracy into a dictatorship that enough is enough! Or as Berenger would put it, "un oeuf is un oeuf!"

This is the only way for the Bar council to show the spoilt brat in office that not everyone is keen to lick his arse, and that the law, as represented by the Bar Council, will for once act as the Rempart against any abuse of our democratic, legal, and constitutional rights.

So, well done the Bar Council! Never thought I would say that, but thank you for showing us that at least your profession has had enough of those bandits in power and their tontons Macoutes pretending to be our NATIONAL police force.

Dipshit's behaviour since he became police commissioner has given us ample proof that the force he leads is no longer a national police force, but has instead been transformed into a paramilitary force for the Jugs and for that awful woman running la kwizinn. I would say, "shame on him", but he gives the impression that he does not know what shame is....or the value of the uniform he wears with its unsightly cords and buttons...He is so childish and so useless that he has now cut off all contact with the Bar Council! Bour sa ene boutte maspin, do!

Well done to Ivan Collendaveloo for attending the Bar council meeting and showing solidarity with Yatin Varma.

A big kick up the backside to both the DPP and the idiot known as the Ag for refusing permission to their lawyers to attend the Bar Council meeting. We of course all remember how the DPP was fully supported by the Bar council when this government of bandits wanted to transfer his powers, and to even arrest him...Does the expression Namak Haram come to mind?

Apparently the PM met Yatin Varma yesterday and trotted out his favourite expression: " Ayo! Mo pa ti koner!" Once again, well done the Bar council. Hope the public gives you the applause you deserve during your protest march. 

Vendredi 29 Avril 2022

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