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[Paul Lismore] As night follows days...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 2 Avril 2021 an expression to show an event that definitely, surely follows another. 

Here are some examples in the Mauritian context where the things that some people say today are definitely followed by a result that we can all predict...

 The most obvious and topical example these days is this:

1/Jagutpal/ Madame Gode/ Zouberrr saying, with a smug smile: " Pa in ena oken ka Covid zordi. Nou in fer ene million tests depi hier (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean...) et, (pause for another sickly smile...) pa in ena oken ka Covid!

Prediction Lepep entier: Sa v dire ki dimin pou ena entre 10-30 ka Covid! Garanti sa! Banker! As night follows day...The 3 idiots' declaration of no Covid case today is always followed by many cases the next day!

2/The more our politicians say "nou ban patriotes", the more people look out for how much they will steal from us tomorrow...

3/ The more our politicians say "Mo kontan servi mo pays", we wait for the next example of Grand Larceny from the fake patriots and fake serviteurs lepep...

Folies des grandeurs ou dilapidations des fonds publics ? Alors que le seuil autorisé est de Rs 15 000

4/ When a politician says, "Je suis serein...Zis Bon Dier koner ki mo inosan" when ICAC drafts the usual stupid charge which will guarantee their 'innocence', Lepep says, " To pa serin toi! to ene corbo ki manz partou! Al guetter si la cour pou aksepter Bon Dier kom to temoin!"

5/ When Bobok Hureeram opens his mouth, many people also automatically open their mouths in order to get rid of the vomit that builds up with every breath that they see him take..

6/ When buffoons like Nuckcheddy, Dhunnoo, or Maudhoo say anything, most sane people want to rush up to them and slap them hard, or grab their heads and push them down to their buttocks where they can fart in their mouths...

7/ Every time Obeedoobeedoo tries to convince us of his humanity, we want to kidnap him and force him to spend one rainy night in one of the homeless people's tents.

8/ Whenever Ganoo le gogot says anything, you want to find a pair of pliers so that you can remove with extreme force the rather unsightly witch's nipple on his cheek.

9/ When Pravin Jugnauth and his ministers waste time and take an eternity to answer a fairly simple question, you get an automatic urge to plant a petar cannon up their arses and to light it...

10/ Whenever the Speaker stands up like a grotesque, fat bouncer for a brothel for the elderly, and repeatedly says something quite incomprehensible in what he thinks is English, we all get the urge to shout at his victims: Pa al out! Al trap li et bez 2-3 cou poings dan so gro vant! Do a test on elasticity and see how fast your fist can go in and come out!

11/ Wherever there is taxpayers' money, the Ayatollah Mouftah is never far behind. As night follows day...with these buffoons, we can now safely predict what they will do next... 

Vendredi 2 Avril 2021

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