Paul Lismore

[Paul Lismore] Aprer president pissar, soular, platinum, chana puri, ala nou gagne president baigan et VP fausse dents !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 2 Décembre 2019


Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Sel zafer ki remarkab avek nou nouvo president, c ki li sitan pov ki li ti al plaigner ar la police ki so zardinier in rapporte li ki dimoune in kokin Rs 500 so legumes dan so kan li pa ti sire ki gender lovely Maya ti eter kom Speaker et li apel li Madam Speaker, Sir, Mr Speaker, Madam, etc...Sinon, zero plonbaz, avek so la guele kouma brinzel la...

Lot la, Seasonal Wood, paret ki li pa enkor truv ene bon dentiste pou repaire sa la guele soucerre ki li in malerezman gagner.

The Island of Morons contains enough idiots who will rejoice that for the next thirty years or so, you will be giving those two at least Rs 200 millions (a conservative estimate...)...and in return, they both will, like all previous Presidents and Vice Presidents, piss on you by not paying even one cent in income tax or even volunteering to do so.

Our lovely parliamentarians, of all parties, will make the usual noises of approval or disapproval, depending which side of the House they are on. But not one of them, not a single one, whether la main prop, la tete haute, gouverner autrementwallahs, renouvo dickheads, dinosaurs, "jeunes", will try to either amend or get rid of the most disgusting act of legislation ever passed, the President's Emoluments and Pension Act, 1992---the act that grants obscenely high and completely immoral privileges for life to the friends Prime Minsters appoint as our President and VP..

The 'luckiest' people in Mauritius today, apart from Baigan and Fausse dents? Their immediate neighbours who will ensure that the police officer on 24 hour guard duty for those two until they die will keep an eye on their properties too...

Glory to thee, Motherland of Morons...Rapel bien! Gato brinzel kapav manzer avek les dents ou gencives!

Lundi 2 Décembre 2019

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