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[Paul Lismore] Aprer ene marionnette bouffon, aster ene poupettte danzerer...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 22 Août 2020

You thought we had it bad with Marionette as Police Commissioner; how all he ever did was to polish the shoes and lick the boots of the Prime Minister; and the few times he was in public when he put on his freshly ironed uniform to watch some police parade and nothing else; how a thief of some lychees became public enemy one and had to be arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced within 24 hours?

How one of the few times he moved into fifth gear was to deal positively with the application for a passport from a known drugs dealer; and how during 5 years as police commissioner, he was either in neutral gear, or as far as law and order for the rest of us was concerned, in reverse gear?

Well, in just a few months, the newly appointed police commissioner has shown us that when it comes to subservience and licking the arse of the PM, he has reached standards never before known to us. When you lot were breathing heavily over how he was a good Commander of the Special Immobile

Force, I kept asking myself: What exactly does that force do that would make people show so much respect to its Commander? A few press ups, a few runs, a few bouts of muscles flexing in public, back to SMF HQ for those stir fries and a nice nap?

You have seen the value, or rather the lack of worth, of the new Commissioner of Police during the Wakasho disaster when every department under his command including the Coast Guards, became deaf, dumb, blind, and waiting for directions from the PMO, where a bunch of absolutely idiotic 'advisers' and their equally daft 'experts' were giving us daily evidence of how low standards in public life have now become.

I cannot think of anything good that the new Commissioner Poupette has done so far. Many hundreds of our citizens have been arrested for not wearing a mask, and yet yesterday, we saw how thugs, idiots, and parasites gathered into a raucous mob to ensure no one 'tousse' their 2 crap ministers, were not wearing any masks. And the gablous of Commissioner Poupette did nothing....Nor did they do anything about the clear illegality of their 'manifestation'.

Of course, the "spokesman" for the police, Shiva Coota something, saw nothing and heard nothing. Or, like the Speaker and his moronic Deputy, he saw and heard only one side. But never mind that nonentity. What about police Commissioner Poupette?

All that we have seen of him since his appointment is his presence next to the PM or to some Minister at one of the many useless "committees" that have sprung up. That is the sum total of his performance so far. Must be weird when his children ask him when he returns home, " How was work, Dad?" Answer: " Worked very hard. Meetings from morning to just now! This is how mo servi mo pays!"

Early this morning, 2 brothers were arrested for no other reason that they did not bend down in front of Sudhir and Ramano and begged those 2 to fuck them, as their soucerres love to do. They were arrested in the early hours of the morning and have been refused access to their legal representatives, another descent into Hell by another institution we are told we must respect....

Watch the video in the first comment as Shakeel Mohamed and others explain the latest assault on our Constitutional rights.

Do I have any faith that the magistrate who will hear the bail hearing will ask a few basic questions to the police, like: 1/ Have you arrested the people making a lot of noise for the 2 ministers and disturbing the peace? 2/ Why is the behaviour of those 2 you have arrested any worse than that of that mob? 3/ The mere fact that you refused them legal representation for many hours means that I am throwing the charges out and releasing those 2. 

Sorry people, I was dreaming about that last bit...This will never happen in our courts of 'justice'. Our magistrates are by and large rubber stampers for any police charge, and remain one of the main reasons why the police often behave illegally.

But our Commissioner Poupette can't see any of that...unfortunately.

Samedi 22 Août 2020

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