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[Paul Lismore] Anooj the idiot is happy as a pig in shit because of a useless and corrupt PMO...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 17 Août 2021

Pou ban ames bien sensib ki pa konpran ene ferfoute mai ki senti zot oblize donne zot lopinion pou montrer kouma zot ban saints: " Happy as a pig in shit" means extremely happy, carefree, and satisfied.

A pig can see its companions disappear and turned into bacon, sausages, etc, but as long as he is kept in shit, he is happy. Same as the idiot in charge of the MBC, despite his pitiful lack of qualifications or of l'amour propre. He is delighted to wallow in the shit heaped on him at regular intervals by the goons in the Prime Minister's Office and the witches in la cuisine.....

Tens of thousands of people have read my posts on the truly scandalous state of affairs at the MBC, an organisation that behaves like a prostitute obeying the orders of a nasty and callous macro. You have seen the letters written by staff at the MBC, and sent to a Prime Minister's Office that seems forever handicapped by the number of inadequate, intellectually arid, and corrupt idiots working there. You have read about how another unqualified idiot has become a cameraman simply because he knows how to press "record" when he tempts women with job offers at the MBC in exchange of nude pictures/ videos of them in obscene poses, whilst the maniac masturbates (and films himself doing so...) at the same time in the toilet of the MBC.

You have read how the maniac obtained a NHDC apartment despite being already the owner of another house. You have also been informed about how Anooj the idiot has commandeered a MBC car (i.e. bought with your licence money) for the exclusive use of transporting his wife and daughter every day to Port Louis and back home...chauffeur driven by the maniac, of course....

You also know about the car being used for the idiot's pom pom at the week end, and how illegal gambling takes place at the MBC.

You know all of that, and much more. So does our so called Prime Minister, his so called " Senior adviser" Ken Arianus, and the other idiots with big titles and little brains in the PMO. And yet, they do nothing..The icing on the cake? Another unqualified boor, Rudy Veerachuchundar, has somehow become a Director of our MBC, and that in itself would explain the extremely crass standards of that place.

They all know about the fracas caused by the idiot and his little maniac friend and various proteges....And yet they have done nothing! Which tells you all you need to know about how a corrupt government will always protect and defend its corrupt institutions....

One gets the impression that Pravind Jugnauth's government is so steeped in corruption and dirty deeds that they must be having a laugh when they look at Anooj the idiot's childish but dangerous nonsense at the MBC. They probably say to each other: "Haha! Sa meme tou? Li pran loto MBC? Li gagne baksheesh pou tickets avion et lotel in exchange for free adverts? Li laisse so ti macro kouyonne fam ki zot pou gagne jobs a MBC si zot met zot touni? B, narien ditou sa! Nou ki konne kokin! Haha!"

I am enclosing the last letter sent to the PMO a few days ago by staff of the MBC, which also includes a pic of the worm sized dick that the maniac sent.

More importantly, read about how Anooj the idiot regularly gets staff to distort words, phrases, screenshots of political meetings to show how well attended the MSM's meetings are and how poorly attended the opposition meetings are, etc etc. How the "news" in what they laughingly call " Le Journal" is distorted every day and vetted by the witch of la cuisine and by the idiots in the PMO before broadcast...

Read the letter and it is likely you will see you asking yourself this question: " Will God forgive me if I shoot the next bastard who tells me he is a patriot when he steals, robs, and lies to us every day?".
I am sure God the merciful will reply, "Well done for ridding your country of vermin!"..

Mardi 17 Août 2021

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