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[Paul Lismore] An opposition that insists on staying down when people are rising up is quite useless

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 20 Août 2020

"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious".....Sun Tzu

There has never been a better time for the opposition to fight the worst government in our history and to deliver a knockout blow. But trying to do it by behaving like ready made victims in a National Assembly that is now nothing but the most active branch of the Sun Trust is incredibly stupid and a waste of everyone's time.

It really does not matter any more what the opposition does in the National Assembly, as it is doomed to failure and will be bullied into submission by a gang of hooligans with a Speaker and his Deputy behaving like the leaders of that gang. Your speeches might be great, but the constant, unwarranted, and premeditated interruptions by  those 2 numpties and the boisterous school kids who were supposed to 'gouverner autrement' must surely have made you realise by now that this is a waste of time.

Questions to ministers, esp to the Prime Minister, will inevitably drift into irrelevant areas that have nothing to do with the questions, and often lead to the exhibition of inappropriate Chutzpah in a desperate attempt to show some machismo that simply does not exist in such dull personalities.

Even then, a desperately incompetent and quite useless Prime minister often does every thing possible to avoid Tuesday sittings so that he won't have to answer even those questions with the obfuscation and irrelevance that is now second nature to him.

In our wonderful parliamentary democracy, you can only ask ministers questions on a Tuesday, you see...the rest of the week, I suppose, is reserved for assizer, gratte graines et senti, a hobby that most of our serviteurs du pays practice non stop on every working day....

So, what should the opposition do? Keep hitting your head against a brick wall by behaving as if gran gran pake pou kasser dan lassenblee national?

At one time, that was indeed possible, but then in those days you had Speakers and Deputy speakers who knew the value of their constitutional role and showed it the utmost respect....unlike the Gruesome Twosome we currently have. I am afraid the National Assembly has now been reduced to being somewhere for the opposition to perhaps learn to take the piss out of: Not out of the institution itself, but because of the chimpanzees currently occupying it. Because our National Assembly is no longer the symbol of our Parliamentary Democracy but a symbol of the dictatorship of numbers, of how a party synonymous with corruption and nepotism is now riding roughshod over even the most basic requirements of parliamentary democracy.

The opposition parties failed to capitalise on the momentum created by their decision to join forces, and still insist on making their stupid weekly press conferences the centrepiece of their fight against this dictatorship. I do not know anyone who will sit in front of their computer watching a party leader drone on and on for one hour and then listen to the most stupid questions imaginable from zourlanus who I am sure would have much preferred to cover stories on 'jambes en l'air', their area of specialism...All these parties have Young branches, and they can't get any of the I.T. freaks to simply compile the speeches into choice titbits lasting no more than 5 minutes? Are they that arrogant that they expect us to watch them go on and on for at least 1 hour?

They have also failed to capitalise on the energy and hopes created by their 'coalition' by not strengthening  it further with that inclusion of Roshi Bhadain within their rank.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I still resent deeply his role in the BAI/Bramer affair and in his own excesses as minister, but the fact remains that he has been by far the most effective campaigner for the opposition during the mandate of this government. No doubt his arrogance will be accompanied with a list of demands, but the 4 experienced leaders can, I am sure, trim that list to something more appropriate to the actual size of his party....

What has really annoyed me, and I am sure most of the population feels the same, is the failure of the opposition to effectively highlight the absolutely criminal negligence of this government re Wakasho.

When Bruneau Laurette gave us the benefit of his professional expertise and showed us clearly through the satellite maps how some very suspicious activities were taking place around that ship, what did the opposition do? Nothing! I have yet to hear one of them talk about the numerous trips of VB Cartier to and from Stanford Hawk to the West Coast of the island and which had been moored close to Wakasho for days. Why?

But even worse than that, when Lepep is crying out for some visible action, for some manifestation to allow it to show its anger, what is the opposition proposing?

Some sort of meeting on the 20th September!!! Yes, in a month's time! In the meantime, they will continue to give us their once weekly orgasmic press conferences, which very few people watch! Eoula! 4 experienced political leaders cannot put their years of experience and their money together to organise a public meeting as soon as possible? If you can't do this now, when the circumstances demand it and are in fact crying out for it, then I am afraid your abilities to hold a piss up in a brewery are even more questionable!

Your inaction and useless tactics make me question your ability to bring about any of the changes that this country and its people have been waiting for since independence. Are you simply hoping that our desperation, rage, and frustrations with the Jugs will be enough to bring you victory? That you only have to sit around, look important, and let the ti cretin sink further in the quagmire of his own making? Are you really that stupid?

The opposition is very lucky that people are equally pissed off with the wet behind the ears idiots who talked about 'gouverner autrement' but who are now wallowing in the swill of the government's pigsty. Because, believe me, there is a huge gap that has been created by the corruption and incompetence of this government on the one hand and the uselessness of the opposition on the other.

I bet you some people in the opposition will be upset and angry with this post. Why? Because they are that dumb and so full of themselves that they believe that when I express feelings against a stupid government, I must therefore be on the side of the opposition.

You are wrong! As far as I am concerned, there is not much difference between the politicians of ALL our parties. You are all egotistical, vain, arrogant arseholes pretending to look after the interests of the people when the only interests you care for are your own. Admittedly, there are degrees of separation, and it is true that no party has ever been that corrupt or incompetent than the one in power since 2014. 

The opposition is totally wrong to believe that it does not have to do anything, and that the best policy is to sit tight, do a weekly press conference, visit the hairdresser regularly, rehearse your stupid smiles until you get the one that you think will impress people, and that Pravind Jugnauth will destroy himself and his government all by himself.

Tell me, didn't you also think that in November 2019? What happened after that? Hasn't that shown you that sitting on our arses doing nothing, and waiting for someone to self destruct is the wrong option? What makes you so arrogant to think that there are no more dirty tricks left for the next elections? Why have you all remained silent over the conspiratorial passivity of the Supreme Court in dealing with those electoral petitions as a matter of urgency?

So, get off your arses, start organising meetings all around the island! Hold public meetings like they used to be held, not in some hall lit up and expensively decorated to look like a nightclub or a brothel.
In other words, lead! Lepep p dimane sa! Bruneau Laurette in montrer ene la route! Ena boukou lezot la route ki zot kapav ouver par zot meme, si zot arete plak zot fesse!
One of my few heroes in life once said this: Learn from it.

[Paul Lismore] An opposition that insists on staying down when people are rising up is quite useless

Jeudi 20 Août 2020

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