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Winston Churchill was a bit of a colonial bastard with racist overtones...but his many sayings have stood the test of time for their uncanny accuracy, perspicacity, and insight into politics and politicians. The latest somersault of a few Mauritian politicians in terms of political allegiance and loyalty prove that burrowing, disgusting sewer rats have nothing to envy them when it comes to looking after number one, and watching cynically the shallow principles they once espoused flying out of the window.

It apparently took two cheap tickets from the MSM to convince the media darling, Steve Obeegadoo, to abandon the little boat he landed on after jumping ship from the MMM in a flurry of high sounding principles and declarations of ethical propriety, both qualities that are singularly lacking in most of our politicians.

But not just two ordinary tickets, siouplai. Oh no! Apparently, the two rats chosen to join a desperate MSM must fit a certain ethnic profile, so no Hindus/Muslims/or Chinese please!

Only those who call themselves 'Population Generale' will be considered, because the ti cretin has at last realised that most creoles have not abandoned their long held abhorrence of a party that has often treated them with contempt. No amount of electoral bribery, not even the cynical use of the Papal visit or the JIOI Games for political purposes, certainly not the highly dubious support and canvassing of the All singing All dancing individual calling himself a priest, can apparently convince the Population Generale to pinch their collective noses and to vote for a party whose Vice Prime Minister once called them drug fiends and prostitutes.

Poor Anooj Ramsurrun! If the ex MBC Chief buffoon had only voiced his anti creole nonsense last year, he would have been safe, because it would have been considered by a corrupt government to be the 'fait divers' that scandalously drove him to get the MBC to ignore the resignation of a senior minister. But the fool said those things a few months before the elections and therefore he had to go/be pushed.

Which perhaps proves that when your tongue is permanently stuck to the PM's arse, the oxygen supply to what remains of your brain is drastically reduced, which compels you to then talk shit...or more shit than you usually do.

So, highly principled Steve Obeegadoo left the MMM because of its autocratic leadership, reluctance to change, too rigid in its tactical approach, bla bla bla....only to he himself showing the same autocratic leadership now by jettisoning the rest of his fledgling party (apart from one or two soucerres) in order to satisfy the interests of only him and someone called Labelle...

There is absolutely nothing 'belle' in the way soulless politicians betray each other at the flick of a switch...or, in this case, the sounds of kalchouls stirring pans in la cuisine...

I recall reading some years ago one of those quite pointless, boring interviews where the two most important questions of the zourlanus seem to be : "Gourmand ou gourmet?" (as if we really give a fuck about that and we are hugely interested in whether some greedy bastard will pretend to have a refined palate or not...) and "Plats preferes?", which then leads to the pompous, over rich prick to show us his 'man of the people' nature by replying "ene bon bouillon avek ene rougaye poisson salee"...When, more than likely, many serviteurs du pays spend their time stuffing their faces with free food from a nice hotel restaurant...

Anyway, in the same interview, Karuna Obeegadoo, wife of the sooo nice, so principled Steve, told us that Steve was a Trotskyist when they first met. In true fake revolutionary mode, he then became Marxist/Communist, Socialist, and then the final step, Capitalist. So, Steve now going to the citadel of capitalism, the MSM and its Sun Trust/la cuisine is but the natural progression of a slithering snake.

As for fragrant Karuna, she, as CEO of SICOM, together with Chairman Khushal Lobine, remain the only experts in insurance who would pay over Rs 600 millions to arch swindler and currently chief Agwa of the MSM, Rakesh Gooljaury for the shell of a building in Ebene...even when SICOM had already built a brand new HQ! So, it makes sense for Agwa The Rake to net Steve the unprincipled for the MSM, don't you think?

As for Kavi Ramano, I am afraid the wrong Ramano joined politics. Dev Ramano is a real gentleman, a lawyer who often helps the poor and the unfortunate without charging them a fortune. He does not benefit from huge contracts from the government, nor would he have been asked to act as legal adviser to the stolen assets of Bramer Bank for example. Nor would Dev Ramano be involved in something as shady and corrupt as the SIFB where corrupt deals hors de la vue du notaire were concocted, resulting in massive losses to the ti planters....Did I tell you that Kavy, another man of principles and moral rectitude, is a notary?

Let me finish this post by quoting from Kavi Ramano when he left the Mouvement Pathetique (another sanctuary for rats waiting to re-rat...):

" Je ne fais pas de politique sur une question de personne."
(mai zordi, mo in truv la limiere dan trou fesse ti cretin...)." Mon engagement politique se fera sans compromis au communalisme, encore moins aux organisations sectaires qui gravitent autour des partis".(Akoz sa meme mo ti eli, parski mo banne koner ki bizin vote pou moi avan, aprer zot decider kisan la enkor ou ki parti zot pou voter...). " Je suis un homme de conviction, l’idolâtrie n’est pas mon fort…" (Mai Pravin Jugnauth ene bien zoli ti garcon et so la cuisine ena zoli manzer....). And, last but not least, " Il faut mener une opposition constructive et non cultiver une certaine ambiguïté."...alor, tan ki sa gouvernman la o pouvoir, mo pou dan lopposition, lopposition constructive, ein! Kot mo zis kozer pou la guele pa senti pi ! Mai zour gouvernman ferm parlman et koumans canpagne elektoral, mo pou avek MSM, moi! Mo ene homme de conviction moi! Pena oken ambiguite dan sa 2 positions la ditou!

Winston Churchill was right about rats: they do come up with some ingenious excuses to justify their re-ratting. He also said this, something which the rats tend to ignore, even if it results in us feeling nothing but disgust when we see them: " You must look at facts, because they look at you."

Mardi 20 Août 2019

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