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[Paul Lismore] A useless opposition that never asks any questions about a criminally incompetent and corrupt MBC

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 24 Mai 2021

It really is incredibly annoying. Despite my numerous posts about so many scandals at the MBC, and shedding light on the unsavoury shenanigans at that terrible den of iniquity, we have yet to see the opposition ask any questions about all the issues I have raised about an institution that shamefully extorts Rs 150 from each Mauritian household every month. Why is the opposition so quiet about that cesspit of corruption?

Here are a few more things that I have recently found out:

1/ The nasty little clown in charge of the MBC, Anooj Ramsurrun, tells the staff on a regular basis how he only obeys Lady Macbeth, and how he is in daily contact with both Pravind Jugnauth and his wife so that these two can vet the "news" items that will be later on that evening in the thing they laughably call a "Journal".

2/ Why can't the opposition ask the PM if

     (i) the phone number that Anooj the idiot regularly shows the staff belongs to the PM or not? The idiot claims that he talks           to the PM and his wife every day and receives instructions re the propaganda that the "Journal" will broadcast later.
      (ii) Does the idiot send news items to the PM and Lady Macbeth for vetting every afternoon before broadcast?
      (iii) What right does Lady Macbeth have to instruct the idiot re what news items to include in the "Journal", instructions             which are then slavishly obeyed? Has she joined the IBA or has she herself been appointed Director General of the MCB?
Of course the PM will answer, " I am not aware", accompanied with the sickening snigger that he thinks shows us his sense of humour...

So, ask him these:

1/ Has Vishal Bagah, a driver apparently very close to Anooj the idiot, been given a NHDC house at Camps de Masque even though he lives in New Grove AND already owns a house? Does this tally with the Prime Minister's desire to help the genuinely homeless?
2/ Does he use the NHDC House simply for parties and good time girls?
3/ Why hasn't ICAC or NHDC responded to the complaints of the neighbours? Akoz li nou bann?
4/ Has the driver been using the relationship between Anooj the idiot and Pravind Jugnauth to scare the neighbours who complained about him?

Finally, ask Pravind Jugnauth, PM et family man extraordiner, if he approves of illegal gambling. Because if he doesn't, then he should ask Anooj the idiot why the MBC driver, Sailesh Brigmohun, orchestrates illegal gambling, with Vishal Bagah as the money collector, and Anooj the idiot a willing participant in those illegal gambling sessions.

I have already mentioned the fact that an official chauffeur driven MBC car is being used regularly to transport Anooj the idiot's wife and daughter, but as usual, lizier PJ et ICAC remain stuck dan zot trou fesse....

Why has no member of the opposition ever asked these simple questions:

1/ What are the educational qualifications of Anooj the idiot? The genuine ones, not the falsified ones. The man speaks English or French like an unskilled illegal immigrant asking a farmer " You give me ze money if I fouy ze potatoes for you? You know, ze aloo"....
2/ Why hasn't Anooj the idiot been asked for his certificate of morality? He has to be the only DG who has never been asked to present his....
3/ If Anooj the idiot is broadcasting the messages of the PM and of Lady Macbeth to the staff of the MBC in a vain attempt to impress them, shouldn't the PM be more careful on security grounds re his phone numbers?
Lastly, why is Sailesh Brijmohun fraudulently claiming overtime? More importantly, why hasn't anyone done anything to stop it?

Lundi 24 Mai 2021

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