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[Paul Lismore] A real Etat de Droit is one where courts stop obeying the diktats of the government...

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" Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both"---Eleanor Roosevelt

[Paul Lismore] A real Etat de Droit is one where courts stop obeying the diktats of the government...

It is highly unlikely that our 'free and independent' press will report prominently the diffamation case that Dawood Rawat has won in the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris against an ex L'Express zourlanus called Pierre Pedel and his editor Claude Perdriel of an internet site at Challenges.

Both wonderful chaps have been fined a couple of thousand Euros, and before the zombies start shouting "sa meme tou?", you need to remember one thing:

In France, if you sue someone for diffamation, you have to deposit the amount you are asking for in compensation before the case can proceed. As the thieves in government have stolen all the assets and money of Dawood Rawat, you may then understand why he asked for a small amount of money in compensation (because he could not afford to put a bigger deposit in court).

He simply wanted to show that in a truly independent court of law, the grotesquely farcical label of "Ponzi" attached to his name was not only stupid but a Machiavellian plot by some psychopaths in government to destroy and ruin a man, in alliance with a 'free and independent press', and judges and magistrates who are expected to know better and to be objective when assessing any case.
If our wonderful press ignores this judgement, then those bozos are nothing but the lubrication for any government to fuck us even more.

Let me show you some excerpts from this judgement which ought to shame our zourlanus, assuming they know the meaning of the word 'shame'.

I have no hope whatsoever that an Uncle Tom like Patrick the Prick from le mauricien would ever understand the enormity of his crime in his horribly biased and inaccurate reporting of the BAI/Bramer scandal.

I do however feel a tiny amount of pity for someone who probably gets some sexual gratification and whose sense of fulfilment seems to 'come' only when he writes "Chairman Emeritus" or "Daylight Robbery".

But he is far from being the only zourlanus who has brought such disgrace to the noble profession of journalism in their coverage of BAI/Bramer.

These idiots were only too happy to swallow the vomit of Lutchmeenaraidoo, Bhadain, SAJ, Tekwa face Manraj, the dear, departed but unlamenteded Basant Roi, various accuntants, and many other mercenaries of the government, and to regurgitate them shamelessly to the public.

It would in fact be much easier to count on the fingers of one hand those who bravely stuck to the primary principle of journalism and to stick to the facts and the truth when writing an article.
Read this order from the French court (in the first comment of this post) and tell me whether our so called etat de droit will convince even one judge in Mauritius to ever do the same:

La cour " Ordonne le RETRAIT des propos jugés diffamatoires du site accessible à l'adresse, dans le délai de quinze jours à partir de la date à laquelle le présent jugement sera devenu définitif,

Ordonne la mise en ligne, sur le même site, du communiqué suivant :
Par jugement du 30 octobre 2018, le tribunal de grande instance de PARIS (chambre correctionnelle de la presse) a condamné Claude PERDRIEL, directeur de publication du site Internet, et Pierre PEDEL, en qualité de complice, pour avoir DIFFAME publiquement Dawood RAWAT, en diffusant sur ce site le 9 avril 2015 un article intitulé « La chute de Dawood Rawat, le Bernard Madoff mauritien », le mettant en cause.

Dit que ce communiqué, placé sous le titre “PUBLICATION JUDICIAIRE”, devra figurer en dehors de toute publicité, être rédigé en caractères gras de taille 12, en police “Times New Roman", être accessible dans le MOIS qui suivra le jour où la présente décision sera devenue définitive et pendant une durée de deux semaines, soit directement sur le PREMIER ECRAN de la page d'accueil du site, soit par l'intermédiaire, depuis ce premier écran, d'un lien hypertexte identique au titre et en mêmes caractères,"

Remember how month after month we were bombarded with stories in our wonderful press about "Ponzi", and associating Dawood Rawat's name with the crook and king of real Ponzis, Bernard Madoff? Let us see whether our zourlanus and politicians are even more stupid than we thought they were, and whether they will again repeat "ponzi" and "Madoff" when referring to Dawood Rawat now...

I mentioned our judges in the title of this post. I will highlight only one area where they have shown a singular lack of professionalism and objectivity, and have given the clear impression that they were behaving like rubber stamps for the government: the number of people who were arrested and given ludicrously stringent bail conditions for up to two years by a judiciary only too willing to listen to only one version, that of a bent police force and corrupt politicians.

What has happened to those cases? ALL have been thrown out after subjecting those victims of oppression to years of anxiety, worry, and financial difficulties. Who was responsible for that? Our judges! They are the ones who decide on release on bail, on the bail conditions, or on how the case is being handled by the prosecution. All that they did was to rubber stamp the decisions of the police who themselves were rubber stamping the orders from the thieves in government, and a very somnolent DPP. They perhaps had the same thrill as Patrick the Prick with his "Chairman Emeritus" and "Daylight Robbery", when freezing the bank accounts of totally innocent people for years....
Our wonderful press ought to be shitting itself for writing for the last 3 years basically the same putrid nonsense as Pedel, a zourlanus so bad that even L'Express had to sack him.

I do hope that the Rawats will for once act on the suggestion that I have tried to consistently give them on my Facebook page: SUE THE BASTARDS! And let us then see whether our wonderful mazistras and judges will come to a different conclusion than the one reached by the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris.

Mercredi 31 Octobre 2018

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