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[Paul Lismore] A message to the racist of all communities : can you buy a house if you have always had nothing ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 12 Juin 2020

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Tou kalite idiots p vine avek ban komenters bien racistes et ki tourne otour meme argimans bien kouyon, mai ki zot koir bien malin: " zot ena TV satellite kot zot! Al travay, ramasse zot kass et fer kouma nou et lerla zot pou ressi asseter ene lakaz ek so la terre! Pa zis amizer, boir, fer piti par ta!".

That's it folks, that is the sum total of the insane arguments doing the rounds online ever since Obeedoobeedoo, from the comfort of his palatial home (including the State Lands that he occupies but refuses to give to the homeless the same opportunity of building their homes on our land, as he himself has done...), decided that our winter is wonderful and that the cold, breezy air will make babies, children, and women lead a healthy life.

Let us deal with these insane arguments of the stupid, the insane, and the racists, one by one:

1/ " Zot ena TV satellite kot zot!" What would you like them to do instead whilst sat in their hovels worrying about tomorrow, and sometimes watching the raindrops destroy most of the pitiful things that they own?

Paint some pancartes to glorify some bastard politician like you lot love doing? Make some badly written, grammatically incorrect, pathetically stupid comment in the newspapers that seem to relish stupid, racist comments on their pages? Think of some new arse licking comments you will make about your political Gods in the forlorn hope that the thieving politician would even wipe his arse with that newspaper?

When people have nothing, you begrudge them trying to forget their desperate situations by watching anything other than your crap MBC? How heartless and cruel can you be?

2/ " Al travay, ramasse zot kass et fer kouma nou et lerla zot pou ressi asseter ene lakaz ek so la terre!"

Really? Vreman li facile kumsa? Meme avek minimum wage, ki la plipar sa ban homeless la pou on, dire nou ene kou ban malins kommien lannee zot bizin travay et "ramass zot kass" pou ressi asseter ene portion la terre ki pli gran ki ene mouchoir? Have you seen the price of land, you arseholes? You expect the homeless to suddenly find the means to buy a portion of land and build a house on minimum wage? You plan on coming down from the distant planet you inhabit fairly soon?


Zis ban idiots ki kontan truv zot noms lor lekran ki pou fer ban argimans bien racistes, ki ban homeless bien kapav asseter zot lakaz ou louer privately!

3/ " Pa zis amizer, boir, fer piti par ta!"

Kifer? Zot zalou? Akoz toi to lide lamizman, c manz ene ti pake mourkoo ou pistass kan to p guet to ggtri MBC la, to fesse fermal ki ena homeless ki kontan kass ene ti poz dan week end et amizer in p? Vey zot nonbri, ban bhai looker en place ki zot insilter ban homeless!

The only argument from those idiots that I might agree with is the "fer piti par ta" one. It is basic logic really. If you live in terrible conditions, then you should not be even thinking of bringing a baby in those surroundings of terrible deprivation. But is it entirely the fault of these women and young girls?

What about the responsibilities of the men who instead of pissing like dogs against every tree, prefer to instead impregnate as many women as they can, and then run away from their parental responsibilities? Kifer personne pa koz responsabilite sa ban zom la? And what about this thing called "Family Planning", or whatever fancy new name they have given themselves, as if changing the name whilst still dropping the same shit will somehow improve matters?

Does it expect the homeless to come to them, wasting good money on transport, when they should themselves be going to the homeless and offering their contraceptive services as well as educating the homeless on their parental duties and responsibilities? How come all that we hear about the Family Planning Services is when its leaders sashay onto a public platform and make a speech that feels important only to them? Bouz zot fesse et al visit sa ban homeless la plito, do!

At the moment, hundreds of our citizens are living outside in the cold winter air, with only some voluntary organisations and some wonderful individuals helping them with the basic necessities of life.

Are we waiting for babies and children to start dying before our consciences are pricked enough for us to put pressure on that arrogant arsehole Obeedoobeedoo to stop being such a hypocrite and to do something to help the homeless? We heard yesterday how the owner of PAD and Co has not paid any money for the last 10 years for the 30 arpents of prime state land he obtained in Tamarin. Where is the sense of outrage from those racists? How many thousands of acres of OUR land has been given cheaply to the arseholes of this island, entirely for their own personal benefit? And you want to pour your poison on the miserables who have decided to build their shacks on our UNOCCUPIED lands? Ban LKZMM hypocrites!

Many of the racist comments towards the creoles have come from names that sound "Hindu" but it is clear to me that these are trolls with fake names, and many of them are from different faiths than Hinduism.

I would urge you to remember one thing: it suits the politicians to divide us as a nation, because then they can target their 'favourites' for votes. The more divided we are, the better life is for many politicians... and aspiring ones too...And you will surely remember the army of trolls created by MT, Sherry, and Lee Kee Shim during the last electoral campaign. These are the same people coming up with these anti creole sentiments now.

And it pains me to see what seems like an anti Hindu campaign from a few Creoles and others. Many anti Hindu racist comments have been displayed online and believe me, only the bastard politicians will be happy with the way things are now. The more divided we are as a nation, the better it is for them, never forget this.

I will be delighted to hear from anyone who can show us the magic formula of buying a plot of land and a home when you subsist on a minimum wage, or as in many cases, on even less than that. The only solution, and it has to come from government because it is not the responsibility of anyone else, is to build as many cheap houses as possible for the homeless. 1800 houses in the next 3 years is really pissing against the wind....And the super rich should give up some of their lands for the homeless, esp as many many acres have been stolen from the Creoles...

Finally, the Rs 700 millions "lost" in bribes/commissions in the latest scandal would have been enough to build at least 700 houses for the homeless....but that is clearly not the priority of this government.
 "A nou kokin maximum possible" has become the first priority of most politicians in government, unfortunately.

Vendredi 12 Juin 2020

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