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[Paul Lismore] A colonic irrigation may be the only way to cleanse Ganoo's dirty, filthy, racist mouth...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 21 Juin 2021

I can already see the pedantic ones amongst you correcting me by saying: Colonic irrigation is a treatment used to wash out the contents of the large bowel (colon) and not the mouth! But, my chers compatriotes, what do we do with a nasty, arse licking, bed hopping, insincere, disloyal arsehole like Ganoo who uses his arse to speak?

It is not only the crudeness and racism of the language that is annoying; it is the sheer level of ignorance which is unfortunately endemic in our political class and which we see clear evidence of whenever many of these highly paid, good for nothing, dangerous layabouts open their mouths and repeatedly prove to us that we do indeed have a particular brand of idiots amongst the politicians of this country: that of pathetic individuals bending over backwards to show us the university degrees that they claim to possess but which nevertheless fail to hide the tragic fact that our politicians are, by and large, ignorant buffoons who have no concept of loyalty, of sincerity, of decency, of not adopting the simple principle that you do not take what does not belong to you.

All the above of course refers to that abominable man with a pear shaped, huge pustule on his cheek as an indicator that here is a specimen full of pus and rancour. Yes, Alan Ganoo, the chap who would be absolutely nothing if Berenger had not guided and protected him throughout his political career. The man who finds lying to be a formidable weapon in a rather dull personality, and who jumped into bed with Navin Ramgoolam in the morning only to then pledge undying love to Pravind Jugnauth without even having the decency to change his underwear first...

He is the original peddlar of a peculiar brand of oral sex that makes him swallow all the nasty things he has said about the Jugnauths in the recent past, and to now spit on those he used to consider his comrade in arms for many decades.

Not even Steve Obeedobeedoo has shown behaviour so crass to his old friends and so disgustingly slavish and kowtowing to his erstwhile enemy than the pustulent one. One can only feel sorry for someone even as ludicrous and annoying as Lachanya Diolle to have associated herself for so many years with the wretched man. But, as they say, sak boute dipin rassi gagne so fromaz moizi....

Does he even know that "colon" refers to a settler or inhabitant of a colony? Does the ignoramus even know that we are no longer a colony?. But, of course, he knows that. His use of the word "colon" was to give vent to his nasty racism and to paint Berenger as "not one of us". Horrible, nasty, ugly bastard!

I blame Berenger for many things. But no one should condone or view lightly the nasty, racist slur from Alan Ganoo.

Unfortunately, we have politicians who find it impossible to condemn or even mildly chastise anyone from their own party. And we have a Speaker and Deputy Speaker who both develop automatic deafness whenever some government oik says something nasty, and which therefore means they will have to listen to the recording before making a decision, instead of showing the lunatic the red card straightaway.

I hope I never get to meet Alan Ganoo. Why? Because I will not be able to resist squeezing that huge, black pustule on his cheek and drowning his face in pus....It won't bother him, as his mouth is already full of the pus which he effortlessly translates into racist, ungrateful filth.

Lundi 21 Juin 2021

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