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" this blowMight be the be-all and the end-all here,But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, We’d jump the life to come. But in these cases. We still have judgment here, that we but teach. Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return. To plague th' inventor: this even-handed justice. Commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice. To our own lips. " Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 7.

A poisoned chalice is something that looks good but which will end up damaging you. And this is exactly what Navin Beekarry has given Pravin Jugnauth with his foolhardy, reckless, too eager to please, 180 degree turn in ICAC's latest submission to the Privy Council in the Medpoint affair.

It is yet another illustration of how the greatest handicaps and enemies of our political leaders remain the useless soucerres, 'advisers', and hangers on who surround them. These people have only one interest at heart: to constantly fitte la lang lor lamel so that they can show the leader who can lick their arses the best...

There was no need to, absolutely no need for ICAC to intervene in such a scandalous and thoroughly unprofessional manner in a case that they themselves convinced the DPP to bring to court. Pravin Jugnauth would have won his case, as I have always said, because Para 13 (ii) of ICAC simply does not cover his essentially administrative role at the very end of what was clearly a financial scandal in which there is no evidence that he took an active part.

Only idiots will view the valuation of an old, decrepit hospital jump from Rs 75 millions to Rs144 millions as a quite normal thing.

So, how can ICAC now turn round and not only change all that it believed in since 2010 but also have the gall and the effrontery to tell us that it is 'following procedures'? The excellent work by Axcel Chenney and Patrick St Pierre of L'Express, in the first comment in this post, proves that our poor performances in successive Olympics games will be transformed into Gold medals if Navin Beekarry takes part in the gymnastics section..

Such incredible contortions deserve recognition at the highest level of world gymnastics, and might perhaps explain how the superhuman physical efforts involve in bending and writhing to such an extent has now given him a chuttur ka mou...

Worse, much worse is the fact that POCA tells ICAC at Para 82(1) that " No prosecution for an offence under this Act.... SHALL be instituted except by, or with the consent, of the DPP".

So, let us get this right, esp for the few monosyllabic idiots who plague my posts with their facile, stupid comments: ICAC investigates, ICAC finds enough grounds for a prosecution, ICAC sends its dossier to the DPP recommending prosecution, the DPP acts accordingly based on the advice of ICAC and the info in its dossier, Pravin Jugnauth is gound guilty.

The DPP appeals, ICAC supports the appeal of the DPP, but the Supreme Court finds in favour of Pravin Jugnauth, in my view rightly albeit for the wrong reasons. The DPP appeals for permission to go to the Privy Council, the same Supreme Court that exonerated Pravin Jugnauth agrees, and the matter is to be heard on the 15th January at the Privy Council. ICAC continues to support the appeal of the DPP, as it is duty bound to on grounds of ethics, principles, and being the engine behind the prosecution. So far, so good, yes?

And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, lamel in fite la lang tro long, and in the insane desire of arselickers to please politicians, even when it is clearly not in Pravin Jugnauth's interests in this case, our chuttur ka mou takes a stand that puts him and ICAC on the side of the defence.

Quite incredible! I cannot recall any court case where before the appeal is heard, the DPP continues with the appeal and the body that advised the DPP to prosecute and to appeal, ICAC, sides with the defence. Du zamai vu, mo dire ou in my terrible French!

Despite Navin Beekarry's incredible somersaults, I still believe, as I have all along, that the Privy Council will rule in favour of Pravin Jugnauth, and I will explain soon in the posts I have already written on the matter. But the damage to ICAC will be a fatal one. And I am convinced the Privy Council will have a few choice words to say about ICAC and its risible role in fighting corruption.

Should this be the end of it? Let me try to revive an extinct animal now, known as the Parliamentary Committee for the monitoring of ICAC. It is made up of 9 members, 5 from the government and 4 from the opposition. Like all our parliamentary committees, this one meets on very, very rare occasions (ALTHOUGH IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO MEET AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH...) and as we never hear about it, fuck knows who its members are. I don't. It needs only 5 members out of the 9 to constitute a quorum, but the poor pets must be too tired with all that servi pays lark...

Under para 23(1)(a)(b), the parliamentary committee of ICAC has the power, by MAJORITY DECISION, to suspend the Director General prior to termination of his contract. There can't be many people who believe that Beekarry has behaved well, professionally, or ethically with this latest turn of events. We will be embarrassed as a so called etat de droit when the Privy Council comments on the ludicrous position taken by ICAC. And I refuse to believe that there is not at least one of the 5 members of the government on this committee who cannot see the terrible damage to Pravin Jugnauth caused by this poisoned chalice of chuttur ka mou.

Navin Beekarry has put Pravin Jugnauth in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the Medpoint case next week.

Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019

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