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[Paul Lismore] A New Year : Time to put the rubbish out...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 3 Janvier 2022

Please don't worry: this is not one of those 'self help' pages of unadulterated nonsense which seem to attract many rather inadequate individuals in the false hope that all their worries and problems will be resolved if they listen to the Google Search Freak who will provide them with advice that is as good as Padaleksi inviting you to admire his savate dodo...

You will be surprised at the huge number of people who swear by the 'truth' and 'accuracy' of those pages...But then, we all curse longanistes and treteurs whilst being acutely aware that many people are prepared to empty their wallets for those charlatans...

So, which rubbish to put out at the beginning of this New Year?

1/ The idea that Pravind Jugnauth will understand the real functions and responsibilities of a Prime Minister, instead of being hopelessly lost in the quagmire of commissions, bribes, nepotism, corruption.... and behaving as if 37% of the votes of Mauritians has somehow transferred ownership of the whole island and its assets into his own personal name and that of la cuisine. I am afraid that idea is so firmly embedded in his little brain that he will do anything, and I mean anything, in order to win the next elections. 

2/ The idea that the opposition will provide this island with the changes that it badly needs. Forget all the wonderful words, the promises that sound so good in our ears, or as they say, seki pou tire la fimee divan zot lizier. Remove all that fluffy nonsense and what do we see? No one is prepared to make a pledge that should he/she become minister, he/she will refuse the purchase of a limousine by the taxpayer, and will instead promise to make do with either public transport (so that they can see at first hand what a crap service it provides, and how it should be drastically improved), or use the family car.

You see, the ministerial limousine in an island drowning in debts, driven by a police officer who should be out catching burglars, has been the number one sign of political decadence in Mauritius since is the sight of a gablou on 24/24 duty outside the house of these nincompoops. 
They all talk about protecting the environment whilst at the same time thinking of which gas guzzling duty free limousine they can buy...Zot ban gourmands et zot vreman koir ki zot tonkin in fer ar 24 carat gold!

3/ They all talk about our multicultural alliance, and in an insult to the true humanism of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, they say we are the Rainbow Nation....Bousser fesse, do! The opposition is talking about a united front, whilst at the same time Linion Sipaki is assiduously trying to form a union between two segments of the population, supposedly against another...and thereby making Pravind Jugnauth's task of staying in power much easier. 

And there is non stop talk of " kisan la mazorite", in a poor adaptation of the school boys' hobby of " Pou moi pli gro ki pou toi"...

4/ Away from politics, many feel the need to tell everyone that they will "clean up" their Facebook pages, as if anyone else is really interested....Good Lord, people! You want to remove people you consider as arseholes from your "Friends' List"? Be like Nike, and just do it! Why do we have to know about it?
Do people still really believe that " Friends' List" on Facebook contains real friends? Eoula! Pli facile gagne "friends" lor Facebook ki assete zoignons dan la foire, do!

5/ If you really want to get rid of rubbish, cross off in your own minds the people who use you, those who seek your help and as soon as they get the results they wanted forget that you exist, those who will sell you to the highest bidder, and worst of all, those who suffer from terrible amnesia every time a new " best friend" comes on the scene.

Those people have already sold their souls to the Devil and wish to drag you through the Gates of Hell. Make a nice bonfire of the vanities that seem to drive their motives...

Lundi 3 Janvier 2022

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