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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 24 Mai 2020

Yes, Steve Obeedoobeedoo. If there was a prize for incredible callousness and the timing of a sewer rat pouncing on a floating turd, you will definitely win the Gold medal.

On the day when billions of people around the world are celebrating Eid, a festival of sacrifice, sharing, and fellowship, you have decided from your ivory tower that it is the most appropriate day to deprive some terribly poor and deprived people of the only place that they disgracefully consider as 'home', in a land where billions of our rupees have been stolen by politicians like you. 

You used to sing 'Soldat Lalit militant, didn't you?

Although even then, one could not help but notice the discordant voice and the unmissable fakery of the "caring" expression on what passes for your face. But then, you have always had it quite easy and comfortable, haven't you? From your time as Minister of Education in the MMM/MSM government of 2000-2005 when you decreed that no one else could enter the lift when His Majesty had set foot in it (presumably because you are so full of gas that even an insensitive idiot like you would have realised that a loud fart from the ministerial arse is not the thing to do in public...) the many colleges that were built, including the nice commissions that 'generous' builders felt obliged to give to those who decreed who would get the tenders.

From your failure to get elected when the electorate for once saw sense, but which never deprived you of your luxurious standard of living due to the Rs 1 million a month that your darling missus was bringing from SICOM. 

You have led a charmed life, primarily for these reasons:

1/ the fact that your name is Steve, and therefore you automatically become the darling of our wonderful press. Praise upon endless bouts of arse licking were showered on you by useless zourlanus, and all that mindless adulation went to your head, not a difficult feat for someone who really believes that his shit smells nice.

2/ Our useless zourlanus simply adore those who represent "la gauche caviar", even if it was quite obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that you are as leftist as Adolf Hitler.

3/ You have never shaken your incredible ability to symbolise the Morris Minor pretending to be a Maserati---an affliction that seems terminal with our redakters en fesse and the zourlanus they breed, and who adore you

4/ You symbolise everything that our zourlanus aspire to and that is why they love and 'gonfler' you on every available opportunity: You are all individuals who send your kids to private schools, speak English or French at home and in work, but insist that everyone else should write in creole, live in the best secluded areas, do your yearly medical exams either in Singapore or Europe, etc.

You are individuals who really despise the poor but in public you pretend to promote creoles (rather like Gregoire), you speak highly of our public schools, you take photos with the poor, specially if they are from a “ cité”, you pretend to be empathetic to the cause of the proletariat when we know that this is only a show! You use the poor to serve your own cause, and we know that deep down you could not give a fuck about the poor! On the contrary, you are more interested in grabbing every freebie costing hundreds of millions of rupees from the taxpayer, but you resent the few rupees that the poor ask from the taxpayer...

But Obeedoobeedoo, where do you get the cheek, the arrogance, the incredible hypocrisy to say this: "  Les autorités enlèveront les structures en suivant les procédures autorisées par la loi. Je suis dans mon rôle de faire respecter la loi et les terres de l’État."

Sorry for my naivete and innocence, but can you tell me when our politicians have ever respected the law? I am told you are a lawyer, and that perhaps may explain your incredible arrogance. But tell me, in your "role de faire respecter la loi", ever heard of Vijaya Sumputh or Choomka, 2 ladies who took far more than your laws entitled them to, i.e. stole taxpayers' money?

Heard of Rakesh Gooljaury and how he can steal hundreds of millions of rupees, and nothing ever happens to him?

Heard of Raj Dussoye, ex SBM chief, who gave away loans amounting to billions of rupees to strangers and which have now been written off? Heard of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, your previous comrade in arms, who came from nowhere to become 'l'homme le plus riche de l'ocean Indien', simply by being minister of finance?

Heard of Padaleksi, your minister of finance colleague who in his last year as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, signed himself a cheque of over Rs 13 millions?

Heard of SAJ, now a multi billionaire through very mysterious ways? Heard of all politicians who suddenly become multi millionaires, even billionaires, simply because of our votes and your fucking crazy laws designed to let the big fish swim freely?

How about your friends in the private sector, those who are revered by our crap politicians?

As Ministre des Terres et Logement, do you think you can ask the Super rich who have thousands of acres of land to give just a few acres to people like those you are callously trying to evict now? You are experts in passing laws which politicians, their friends, and benefactors never obey, but you expect the poor and those who refuse to use their tongues for licking your arses to obey those laws? 

A quick calculation tells me that the taxpayer forks out between 10 and 15 million rupees every month for a cabinet of arseholes, if you include their salaries and their crazy entitlements. You who are so fond of asking lepep fer sacrifices, can you tell me what sacrifice you have made from your Rs 350,000++ you take from us every month, not including your stupid limousines, chauffeurs, huge petrol allowances, entertainment allowances, per diem, etc. Have you taken enough from us, or do you expect us now to start donne fesse to you and your kind also?

If their is a seed of humanity struggling to germinate in that sewer of arrogance and entitlement that characterises the mentality of our politicians, you think you can order a stay of execution? And allow these poor people to at least stay in their hovels until the confinement period is over?

Or do you want to show us that you really have gro graines and send the Riot Unit to batter these people into submission? Tell me, once they are made more homeless than they already are, will you then ask Missier gablou to servi papiers because they have breached the rules of confinement by being on the roads? How would you then like them to pay the Rs 50,000 fine? 

Perhaps you are right: if they can't pay the fine, then the two years they will spend in jail that a 'socialist' like you has just decreed will at least ensure they will have accommodation in our gorgeous prisons, and they will not have to squat again then, non?

One final thing: When you shave that shit face every morning, what do you see? A human being? or a monster who only cares for himself, and fuck the rest? I am sure a despicably arrogant oik like you will see the reflection of a human being, but most of us, except the zourlanus, will see you for what you are: a puffed up idiot who speaks French but who remains the arrogant, deeply selfish arsehole you have always been.

Dimanche 24 Mai 2020

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