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Rédigé par E. Moris le Vendredi 5 Juin 2020

I don't as a rule listen to the budget speech by the Minister of Finance because :

a/ I find it utterly boring to watch someone mispronounce for 2 hours when I can read the full spiel only minutes after the droning has ended b/ There is nothing more soul destroying than watching grown men and women pretending to lead this country by tap la tab every 2 minutes. 

Poor Tania found herself a lone table thumper when a few rupees were thrown at the artists, presumably because, despite clear evidence to the contrary, she considers herself as an 'artist'..But then she has always considered herself to be many nice things, which patently she isn't...

On reading the budget, the first 2 questions that struck me were :

1/" Haven't we heard most of this before?" The 12000 houses, admittedly an improvement on the 10,000 and then 6,000 houses to be built over 5 years of the 2014-2019 government, but which ended up with only around 2000 new houses? Now, 12,000 houses over 3 years, with only 1800 for the poor?

Tell me, if you earn Rs 60,000 per month, why should the government build a house for you?

Can't you get a loan? And you still get a 30% discount on the final price? Eoula! Ou handicappe? But you know these houses for the comparatively rich will be in nice places, perhaps overlooking the sea, and destined for nou bann, whilst those for the poor will be in deserted, abandoned places....

2/ Hotels will not pay any bail on the lease of our land for the next two years. They already pay a lease on very preferential grounds, and now the poor pets will pay nothing....But the poor, those in existing NHDC houses, the planters, the rest of us will have to continue to pay the lease on State lands. Sa ki apel socialisme a la Maradiva!

As a sop to the population who rightly complain about the enormous waste of our money on useless missions, Padaleksi decided that 60% of them will be cancelled henceforth. Excellent! But 60% of what?

Despite my repeated requests here for nearly a decade for any politician from any party to ask a question about the total cost of ALL missions in a year, including per diem etc, no one has bothered. So, 60% of what will be cancelled? We don't know, and I am afraid they will never tell us. 

The huge amounts of our money wasted on that abomination called 'Duty Free cars" will also remain secret. But Padaleksi means business as he will force those politicians to get a duty free car/limousine every five years instead of the usual four! Sakili!

The poor pets are so badly paid that they need us to subsidise the comfort of their arses when they sit in brand new duty free limousines, apparently. It would be too much to get them to buy their own cars out of their own pockets without any help from us, non? 

Yes, nothing on the enormous privileges and entitlements at our expense enjoyed by the serviteurs du pays. Their astronomical salaries remain untouched, and not one of them can see the cruel irony in asking us to ser sintir when they live in luxury with our money. Same as the primordial requirement to ensure that their fat guts keep filling up with luxury food that we pay over Rs 400,000 EVERY time the National Assembly sits.

" Nou tou bizin fer sacrifice, sinon nou pou tonb dan precipice", eh Malice Gobin?

Then there is the Rs 5,100 allowance for the next six months for those in "chomage technique": again, no details about eligibility, age (for example,is an 18 year old unemployed eligible, or is this reserved only for the over 21s?). The Rs 15,000 bonus for the Front liners is welcome, but this again raises more problems: Why aren't the supermarket workers, mostly women, included? What about the Fire Services? Those who braved the virus by collecting our rubbish every week? Don't they count? Or were they immune to the virus that you kept telling us was a danger to everyone?

Where are the new industries? The new generators of employment? Nothing of great value for Manufacturing or Tourism? Oh yes, the Data Technological Park which will be built in the new capital of Mauritius since 2014, Cote D'Or, Moka will be our salvation apparently. But hang on! We already built a Technopole in Rose Belle, and it has been gathering dust for a few years now.....

Padaleksi told us that his budget is equilibree, i.e. the same amount in income and expenditure. But nothing about the huge 60 billion rupees given to the government by the ti toutou of the Bank of Mauritius, which in real terms means that this budget will show a deficit of at least Rs 60 billions. But the zourlanus will ignore that because either they are too stupid to understand it, or their tongues are stuck so deeply in the arses of ministers that they do not receive enough oxygen to replenish their minuscule brains.

What he takes with one hand he gives with the other: Lepep Kouyon will rejoice over the reduction in gaz menager by Rs 30. Hurrah! They have not realised yet that the new pension scheme will force all of them to give 3% of their pay back to Padaleksi, when many on low wages were previously exempt. And the new reduced gaz menager will be used to cook food which is now a lot more expensive than in the pre coronavirus days..Alor, Rs 30 pou toi, et boukou plis ki sa pou Padaleksi, korek sa?

And now, la creme de la creme: Almost any foreigner can now come, work, and settle in Mauritius, as long as you can spare $50,000. Expect the astronomical rise in prices of lands and houses soon. The Super rich who own most of the land in Mauritius will now have a permanent erection until the day they die....

So, a budget that does nothing for manufacturing, hardly anything for tourism, has, like previous budgets,

 lots of promises and which like previous budgets contains promises that will fail to materialise.
But Padaleksi is a caring man, esp towards smokers and boozers. When we all expected him to replenish the government coffers with a hike in taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, he did not even mention them! Perhaps he thinks that kan le tan dan bez, dimoune bizin kass ene ti nissa.....

Or he does not need any more income for the government, because the cow with huge tits known as the Bank of Mauritius will happily spray the government coffers with the milky stuff on demand. Li nek ena pou dire, "Harvesh, viens!" And the ti toutou will come, wagging its tail, carrying bags full of billions of rupees...

Vendredi 5 Juin 2020

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